Permanent make-up - especially drawing tattoo

Every woman wants to be beautiful and attractive twenty-four hours a day, and be confident - like makeup, and without it. Permanent makeup can be an excellent, if somewhat radical help in the realization of this objective.

Let's see what it is - permanent makeup, also known as permanent makeup, it - tattoo makeup.It is a close relative of decorative tattoos, ie applying to the skin an indelible figure by impaling several needles connected with the use of dyes.Implemented in aesthetic (masking stitches, scars, burn marks, etc.) And for cosmetic purposes.In particular, it is applied to the contour of the lips, eyebrows, eyes to spice up the facial features.The pigment is injected into the deep layers of the skin.At the tattoo machine can be one to three needles and a more gentle mode.Be sure to use disposable needles and disposable caps for pigment - a tattoo make-up requires complete sterility.

"Today, tattooing is offered everywhere: in bars, and tattoo studios and beauty centers, and aesthetic medici
ne clinics Of course, it is better that this procedure is carried out a person with medical training who graduated from a special course tattoo makeup.."

Pleaseattention to how the treaty is formulated for medical services before you sign it.You should also warn of the need to conduct subsequent correction.

Medical restrictions for tattoo is not so much: diabetes, a tendency to scarring, frequent cold sores on the skin.

is believed that permanent makeup can be done only during the cold season.This is not true.The only wish - it is better to plan the procedure so that prior to the first publication of the time to get the swelling and redness, for example before the weekend or before holidays.

Tattooing is a long-term and not very much.The average tattoo on lips and eyebrows lasts from one to three years, on the eyelids - about five years.The younger the woman, the more active the process of skin renewal, and the sooner disappears permanent makeup.

lip makeup done under local anesthesia with modern drugs.You can feel discomfort after the procedure.Eyebrows and eyelids anesthetized with special ointments.Still feel tingling, watery eyes as the pain threshold at all different.The very beauty treatment lasts an hour and a half.But the recovery period - from one week to three or more.How - does permanent makeup - it's surgery, during which the injured top layer of skin, which peels off in small white scales.

delete them yourself you can not, it could spoil the fresh contours.For some time will have to abandon the sauna, solarium, swimming pool, beach and bathing.

The healing period is necessary to use special drugs, which prescribes a master.After healing, the skin can dry, then peel off and need the fat nourishing cream.