Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

Probably, many women start to the day with make-up.It gives them self-confidence, and face - expressive, and you can start the day with a positive wave.But not every woman uses makeup correctly.

Unfortunately, many women hold the position of "the more - the better", which is absolutely contrary to the advice given today fashionable make-up artists.And it is necessary, it turns out, only to follow a few simple rules, then makeup is flawless, and every woman feel like a goddess.

Brunette or blonde?Needless to say that make-up can not be universal.Hair color, eye color and shape of your face, lips, skin tone - all combine to determine the overall approach to the individual make-up.For blondes is totally unacceptable that make-up that will suit brunettes, and vice versa.Therefore, they should be considered separately.

do the right makeup

majority of women - is a brunette, so try to consider the canons of makeup dark-haired beauties.The dominant eye color is brown, thus we decided: we choose makeup for

brunettes with brown eyes.

Look at your reflection?What do you like, what you want to highlight, and that you do not like it - it's worth to hide?

mascara and eyeliner for brunettes

applying mascara almost unlimited in terms of color.If you want to visually increase the volume of eyelashes, you should choose a dark brown ink, blue ink or blue will give the look more open and expressive.Choosing the color of eyeliner, mascara should be guided by color.The effect of the increase will be as eyes achieved with a combination of colors of mascara and eye liner.

shadows Choice

By karemu eye color shade will suit all shades and colors, it all depends on the time of day (morning makeup more restrained, in contrast to the evening), from the colors of your wardrobe.The most successful option for everyday makeup will have a choice of brown and beige tones.Very interesting brown eyes look rosy, smoothly transitioning from light to darker.

In the evening make-up options dominant color should be dark colors.They give brown eyes even greater depth.

With colors shadows can safely experiment, only, of course, do not forget about them, combined with skin color.And another thing to remember: if you highlight bright eyes, using a thorough palette of shadows, mascara and eyeliner, do not use bright lipstick.Highlight need one thing - either the lips or eyes.

What not to do?

As already mentioned, all the color combinations are suitable for brown eyes.But even here you can overdo it.Very carefully you need to use blue and pink flowers, that they are not awarded the brown-eyed beauty with artificial bruises or tear-stained eyes.And it is desirable to completely abandon the silver eyeliner.

Getting makeup

So, with a choice of decorative means clear.It's time to start applying makeup.You should start with the adjustment of dark spots under the eyes - his tone should be slightly lighter than the pitch on his face.Then you should apply a little concealer and powder.A person acquires freshness and even color.The following is to give color and shape eyebrows.Causing a faint light color shades directly under the brow, you can visually raise it slightly, making easier.

on eye contour is first applied on the top line growth of eyebrows.If you want to make an arrow, but be sure to shade it, and over it is applied dark shadows.In the shadow of the eyelid applied.A smooth transition from dark to light tone should go in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the inside.Apply mascara, gently tighten up the eyelashes.The final touch - lipstick.All is ready.