Plants aphrodisiacs : Citrus

Lemon According to mythology, in the garden of the Hesperides, the daughters of the night grew the golden apples.In this outlandish garden it was sent Hercules to make one of his exploits, moving from the garden of the Hesperides.This feat was accompanied by the adventure, but he drew strength from the golden apple - lemon.

Greeks admired the flavor and color of lemon.Maybe that's why he chose the emblem of his fun.

On the day of the festival when the goddess of the Earth received the news of the marriage of Jupiter and Juno, she varnish lemons, since the lemon appears in the marriage ceremonies of the Greeks.

Scandinavian legends mention the "golden apples of immortality."Who was lucky to eat them, he did not know in his life disease - long, exhausting, with the pain and anguish in old age.Yes, and it refers to the "golden apples rejuvenating" in many Russian fairy tales.

East elixir of youth is widespread in Turkey and Bulgaria: 1 teaspoon of mixture of lemon juice, honey and sunflower oil in th

e ratio 1: 2: 0.5 taken in the morning on an empty stomach.

first literary mention of citron found in Theophrastus about 300 BCHe wrote that sweet fruit completely eaten, and used only to deal with moths.Fragrant pieces put in the folds of clothing.

«Lee-mung" mentioned in ancient Chinese chronicles, though his birthplace is certainly India."Li-mung" in Chinese - is "good for mothers."And the word "orange" of German origin, which means "Chinese apple."For gentle "Chinese apple" began to build special premises - greenhouses (the French "orange").

From the East came to treatment with lemon many women's disease.Avicenna in his writings pointed out that lemon juice - one of the best means to calm the strong sexual arousal in women: "Reduces the lust and returns from hell."

Typically, lemons and oranges do not fall in the first year of life.But in the markets for the most part sold lemons, which were disrupted still green.To do unripe fruit useful, they should be consumed with honey.


Fruit tree of the family of citrus fruits with beautiful, shiny fruits displayed in India, it is a hybrid of orange and sheddoka - lemon varieties.Grapefruit can be applied and used as a lemon.There are several more bitterness, mainly in the partitions.Very useful to reduce blood pressure during menopause in both men and women regain strength.

as aphrodisiac widely used grapefruit essential oil with a delicate, airy scent that is pleasant to all, and has a positive effect on almost everyone.