Taoist complex exercise " Rejuvenation "

complex, the second name is "Return of the child", is intended primarily for the face and head.His regular execution makes the skin smooth, soft and rejuvenates it slows down the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and inflammation.

During training necessary to perform all the exercises.Select 2-3 from those that fit your physical ability and well-being.Gradually increase the number of exercises.Engage regularly: every day, morning and evening for 3-5 minutes and then 10-15 minutes.

"Performing complex, you can be sure of its effectiveness if you do not have that confidence, or you are not serious about doing the exercises, the expected result will not Remember, faith and practice -.. The key to success."

Although complex exercise is not as dynamic aspurely sporting, they set in motion the whole muscle system, the entire musculoskeletal system and the most important internal organs.Therefore, your movements should not be too harsh, hasty and repeated any number of times.Exercise is necessary so that was

nice.The gradual in all - a basic rule when performing complex.

Before you begin any of the complex, Moderate your desires and getting rid anger.Moderate desires - this means reducing unrealistic needs and desires.We must realize that unrealizable desires cause sadness and bitterness.Get rid of the anger - it means to be a cheerful, in all situations, stay calm, do not worry.

complex aims to subtle regulation of the endocrine system, which instantly and rapidly respond to all the emotional swings that affect the most important physiological functions of the body.

Therefore, start the course, constantly spiritual perfection.In turn, a complex exercise that will help.

"Do the exercises with a smile on his face, imagining myself in the best years of his youth or young you are calm and cheerful - and therefore there is a smile Remember the Chinese proverb." A smile rejuvenates ten years, every experience adds gray hair ».."

6. All exercises are set based on the softness and ductility.Therefore all your movements should be rounded, continuous, slow and soft.All the muscles of the body relax as if you do not have bones.

Taoist complex exercise

1. «Radiance three stars»

Stand still, feet together, chest to straighten, tighten stomach muscles relax, the smile on his face.Hands quietly omitted along the body.Breathe slowly and steadily.Looking directed forward.Hands slowly lifted forward and upward, palms down.When the hands go up above your head, palms facing upwards - her fingers "to each other."Fingers close my hands to straighten.Heels slightly off the ground.At the same time straighten the chest, draw the abdomen, inhale as much air as possible.Inhale slowly doing silently.Finished inhaling, slowly lower your arms down along the same lines, on which rises.Return to the starting position while making exhalation (the air "dirty" in).Perform the exercise 3 times in a row.

2. «Eagle sharpening its claws»

Starting position is the same as in the first exercise.Movement of this exercise is a continuation of the previous one.When the hands of the situation above his head fall down and reach to the knees, his hands joined and placed between them.The body leans forward, knees bent and strongly compressed hands.

Thereafter heels of both feet are off the ground and then lowered again.At the same time the palm contact each other.Repeat these movements continuously 8 times.During rubbing one hand move relative to each other by no more than from the center to the tips of the fingers, the palm of the palm of your hand does not come off.When rubbing the palms applying moderate force, achieving occurrence of heat between them.The slope of the trunk must be done naturally and freely.

When thyroid diseases and gynecological diseases, as well as pain and cramps in the feet is recommended to do this exercise often.However, it is contraindicated in pregnant women.

When friction occurs palms impact on the acupressure points on the back.So after this exercise, you will feel how flexible move fingers in the joints as flexible and agile muscles and ligaments.If you want to be forever young, "sharpen the claws of the eagle."

3. «Three eye stroking»

Legs together, stand up straight.Serried palm rise up to a level above the nose (palms held tightly to each other).Then, open the palm of your hand and close their eyes.Hot from the previous exercise, gently press the palm of your eyes 8 times.Then the palm arch (hands remain in place - in the eye), forming a hemisphere.Eyes open, rotate them left to right and from right to left for 8 times in each direction.In conclusion, under the palms open and firmly close the eyelids 8 times.

4. «Support for the sky»

Stand free.Three fingers of both hands - the index, middle, ring - stroking from the eyebrows up to the side and then to the temples of the forehead skin.Do this 8 times.

5. «Stroking phoenix tail»

Stand free, hands pressed to temples around the outer corners of the eyes.Produce stroking the part of the palm, which is adjacent to the big toe, from the corners of the eyes to the temples.Do stroking 8 times.

6. «Stroking the cheeks»

Stand freely in the chest rub the palm of one another, so that they become warm.Warm hands, pressed to her cheeks, stroking from the cheekbones down to her neck.

7. «Building on the crust»

Stand freely, his left hand to close his mouth with your thumb to press the left nostril, so she was not breathing.The remaining four fingers - the index, middle, ring and little finger - gently touched her right cheek.Thumb and forefinger of his right hand to support the lower jaw so that the palm facing upward.The right hand below the left.Elbow of the right hand rest on his chest.

Both hands consistently make rotational motion from left to right.Thus, the left thumb presses the recess 8 times in the nostrils.At the same time his tongue in her mouth, too, makes 8 rotational movements.Then do the same with your right hand, pressing the right nostril (8 times from right to left, 8 rotations language).

8. «protruding tongue»

Stand freely, palms of both hands to close the mouth and nose (index fingers press on the recesses of the nose wings, and thumbs pressed to her cheeks, index, middle and ring close up of the nose).Before you leave the mouth slit.Open your mouth and stick his tongue 8 times, then do 8 rotations language and 8 times to click his teeth.

9. «Eating jasper balm»

Stand free.Closed lips make 8 rotations.After that, wait until collected a mouthful of saliva.Swallowed three mouthfuls.

10. «Hitting the dragon's usu»

Stand freely, rub the palm of the hand in front of chest, so that they become hot.Within a minute, a pat on the face with fingertips.From these blows facial skin as it comes to life.

11. «Stroking the ear of the Phoenix»

Stand freely, rub the palm of the hand in front of chest, so that they become hot.Hot palms rub 8 times the ears back and forth.When driving back to apply more force.Middle finger roll ears and press them to the head.Pointing fingers put on medium-sized and three massage the ears downwards.

12. «Stroking the head of a dragon»

Stand free.Bend your fingers and hold a nail on the head from the beginning of the hair back as if Brushing her hair, neck to 8 times.

13. «Stroking the neck» Stand free.The left hand put on his head and rubbing produce from right to left 8 times.Then do the same with his right hand, but left to right.

14. «Great stroking»

Stand free, hands in front of chest.Rub the palms of one another.Then the warm palm of one hand to make the brush stroke of the other hand (not forgetting the interdigital surface), forearms, like you are washing.