How to choose a perfume?

Sometimes you have just purchased a new fragrance, which is so loved in store, the house is completely different, you are absolutely not suitable.To avoid such troubles, use the following guidelines.

- Buy a new perfume go in the morning: in the early hours of our sense of smell is particularly sensitive.

- do not eat breakfast: the food dulls perception.

- himself a bottle smelled, disregard and sponges-demonstrators.Apply fragrance directly on the wrist and the crook of the elbow.The fact is that our skin has its own unique scent that is combined with the scent of perfume individually.

- get a first impression, check it ten minutes later, when the show up the middle notes.Trying new smells, be limited to three or four.The more you are simply unable to perceive and evaluate in a short period of time.Experts say that will help restore the sense of smell the smell of freshly ground coffee.

- Do not buy just a big bottle of the new perfume, to avoid possible disappointment.Get a first small test bott


- And never use perfume, from which you do not feel very comfortable - choosing perfume, you create a unique image.

believed that all the flavors can be divided into four main types: floral, oriental, woody and fresh.Each of these fragrances is divided into further sub-types - a total of twelve.

Flower (the aroma of fresh cut flowers) goes into a soft floral (flowers and powdery notes).Such spirits are suitable romantic ladies, enthusiastic and gullible.This is followed by a floral-oriental: orange blossom, sweet spices such as cinnamon.Finally, a soft Oriental: frankincense, ambergris.Such flavors - an indispensable component of the image of mature women with brown and reddish hair.

Oriental (eastern resins, musk, vanilla) flows into the East wood (patchouli, sandalwood).This fragrance comes to the image of luxury languorous brunettes, femmes fatales.

is followed by woody-chypre: moss, oak, citrus.Wood: dry wood, leather, tobacco and citrus notes of popular fragrances men's fragrances, but they also work - business, emancipated, energetic women "cowboy" and sports type.

Citrus (citrus oil, flowers, spices), fresh green (leaves, freshly cut grass) and water (sea, ozone note) fragrances are good on a hot summer day, reminiscent of freshness and coolness.

Mixed (combination of colors, spices, wood and oxygen) will be a wonderful addition to any image.Choose it if you are unsure of yourself.

agree that with the smells must be handled carefully, sometimes instead of an enjoyable experience you can get the opposite effect of excessive amounts of perfume deposited on the skin.

Learn how to properly use perfumes:

1. The smell in the moist skin lasts longer than on dry.

2. If you eat something spicy, your perfume will smell stronger.

3. Apply perfume need to pulsating point, a long time retain the aroma of perfume: inner folds of elbows, wrists, whiskey, hollow chest, abdomen, back side of the knee, ankle.

4. Good aroma of freshly washed hair hold.Enough to put a drop of perfume on her hair to surround yourself with a cloud of gentle smell.

5. Those who have dry hair, you should remember that alcohol contained in perfumes, dries the scalp.

6. hot summer perfume smell is stronger than in the cold season.

7. Going to the beach, do not use perfume.Sweat and perfume are incompatible.In addition, direct sunlight in combination with an alcohol compound to increase the likelihood of burns.

8. Fragrance tends to rise.If you want to smell your perfume throughout the day, apply a liquid not only earlobes, but also to other pulsating areas.

9. air, heat and light have a negative impact on the quality of spirits.An open bottle must stand in a dry, dark and cool place.Bathroom - is not the best storage for perfume.

flavored powder out of the box for linen to delicate scent permeated all your belongings.There also can be put and the empty bottles out of your favorite perfume.

flavored underwear will also help sachets - fabric bags with large "pores", filled with dried herbs (lavender, juniper, rose petals).In sachets can drop your favorite essential oil.

Never apply perfume to the skin plug from the bottle: it can remain cutaneous fat that disrupt the complex composition of the fragrance.

Perfume Queen Essay Lauder advises drizzle from a spray before him, and enter the fragrant cloud.Throughout the day you will feel fabulous.