Evening make-up : a few useful tips

Evening make significantly different from daytime.As you probably understand, it is designed for all kinds of occasions:.. A reception, dinner party, etc. look good and of course it will be only in the evening light, the electric light, the day the evening make-up gives the impression of extreme vulgarity.

How to apply evening make-up ?

• To begin, select a suitable correction you a foundation, make-up then he will lie flatter.To neutralize skin redness and bumps, apply foundation greenish color.Yellowish skin tone can be neutralized by means of bases of light purple hue.Means, rich natural amino acids are great for oily dehydrated skin.

For extra care, you can choose a specialized makeup base, which contain proprietary therapeutic components, such as lipodermol having high moisturizing properties.

• The tone for the evening make-up, choose based lighting, which will accompany you if it is a bright electric light, select the foundation darker than the natural color of your skin;under the soft light

of candles is better to use the tonal foundation in the lighter shade of natural color.

• The most spectacular for an evening make-up will be a golden powder, which is a tone lighter than your foundation.

• For evening choose more saturated, slightly shimmery blush.Blondes are almost any blush, it is important to only well their shade.Red-haired women need to avoid too bright or dark tones and pink shades.Brunettes best use of beige and brown, peach and warm pink shades.On the face of Oriental type spectacular total look pink and reddish-brown blush.If the natural skin color is very dark, and the blush should be fairly dark.

• necessarily need to emphasize the eyebrows in the evening make-up.Eyebrow Pencil Pick to match hair color or slightly darker.Eyebrows adjust strokes from the center to the outside and the inside edge, and then blend well.

• Shadow evening makeup choose pearly or twinkling, bright and bold colors.

• Eyeliner reinforce the effect of evening makeup.

• Eyelashes necessarily have to be thick, fluffy, like exaggerated.In the evening make-up mascara Apply a twice or even three times it will be appropriate to use false eyelashes.

• Colors lipstick choose juicy.

main thing - do not forget: evening make-up - a great opportunity for improvisation, a wonderful opportunity to give free rein to your imagination and impress others with their beauty and uniqueness.It is worth to work, right?