Plants aphrodisiac .Cinnamon and cardamom


relative of cabbage - with mustard Greek means "herb of joy."Famous scientists and ancient culture gave it to her as a "lascivious means."Especially effective is the recipe, which is used for dishes Ā«fusionĀ» seasoning of dry mustard, pepper and honey.

By mustard are several species of annual herbaceous plants, as spices used exclusively seeds.mustard seeds triturated.Perhaps not everyone knows that mustard has a black and white.Both species are very similar to each other.Her homeland - Asia.The history of the use of numbers of the century.Seeds of white mustard have a more delicate and savory taste as compared to the black - spicy, tart, reminiscent of horseradish.White longer used in cooking, black - in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mustard oil has been used in perfumes, mustard seed - in canning of mushrooms, fish, meat, pickled vegetables.

Until now, mustard - a favorite spice in the world.It is a pity that we have forgotten how to cook mustard sauce, gravy, which would not

only improve the taste of cooked dishes, but also would help our men to cope with certain difficulties.Yes, and "cold" it would be useful to women to love the food, which is suitable for mustard.


popular additive to tea "Earl Grey" in nature looks like a shrub, which grows in India.In the Middle Ages cardamom sold at any pharmacy as a cure, but the preparation of these drugs were stored in secret recipes handed down only in a straight line, and if there is no heir, then the death of the pharmacist and the secret died.

Currently, cardamom is used in the preparation of liqueur "Chartreuse", "Breastplate", "Angostura", he enters into the known seasoning "Curry".

On East is well known , that added to the food, tea, coffee, cardamom has a strong erotic effect on the man.Women are aware of this action of cardamom and favorite dishes cooked for her husband, added necessary, in their view, the amount of spices.

Along cardamom perfectly regulates the formation of gastric juice, it restores and improves appetite.