Cosmetic self-massage

Benefits of massage does not cause anybody any doubt.After the massage you will feel fresh and rejuvenated.This also applies to cosmetic massage of the face and neck.It is required after each thirty women as any body circulation working insufficiently reduced, which leads to premature aging.Regular massaging significantly slows the aging process.

massage on the skin causes redness and fever.It cleanses the skin mechanically seized by horny scales, sweat and sebum residues.Under the influence of massage strengthens muscle tissue, increasing skin tone and muscle performance.

Cosmetic massage will make your skin smooth, soft and supple.And besides, after a massage the skin will get a nice color.

"Every woman should be able to properly lubricate the face cream in the morning and evening, applying the self-massage movements."

1. The basic movement is a self-massage effleurage.Equipment of this motion is very simple.End of the four fingers of both hands Tapping the appropriate side of the face: the right h

and Tapping the right side of his face, and the left - the left.Effleurage around the eyes do not produce all fingers at once, but consistently, so that blows came one after another.

2. The second movement, used for self-massage - stroking.

this movement produce the following combination of massage:

- the tips of the 3rd and 4th fingers stroked his forehead in the direction from the eyebrows to the hair.With his right hand stroking the right half, the left - the left.

- the tips of the 2nd and 4th fingers easily stroked the upper part of the cheek in the direction of the back of the nose to the temples.

- stroking the cheeks of the middle palmar surface of the 2nd and 3rd fingers from the middle of the upper lip to ear.

- stroking the lower part of the cheeks and chin, the palmar surface of the fingers of both hands in the direction from the middle of the chin to the ears.Every movement repeat 4-5 times.

3. Do not forget the neck.After the age of 30 neck skin requires special care.Every night before going to bed after a shower should be massaged his neck with a rough towel.And during the day is a massage of the neck.This is done so.

- Stroking the upper neck.This movement commit palmar surface of the fingers collected sequentially first one and then the other hand in the direction from the right ear to the left and vice versa.

- Effleurage upper neck.The upper surface of the straightened four fingers (not thumb) at the same time with both hands Tapping submandibular region.It reduces body fat and strengthens the muscles of the neck.