Holiday makeup

Makeover "Hollywood-style".Evening make-up in the style of film stars - a classic of the genre.This long-proven version of the festive makeup involves emphasis on the eyes and lips, but rather moderate.For the eye is better to choose flickering shadows .Usually two colors -one is used in a festive make-up for the eyes a little lighter than the other, such as gray and dark gray, and lilac and purple.Shadows apply to upper eyelid and a little move lower.Then, on the upper eyelid at the lash line, apply a thin line using liquid liner (liner) in black.

to lash lengthening mascara recommended .

Lipstick for the festive makeup is supposed bright hue.It should first emphasize the contour of the lips with a pencil, and only then apply lipstick.Whether it is a liquid or a stick, do it better than a special brush, then lipstick will fall more gently and naturally.

to your reflection after applying makeup happy holiday you'll try a bit mask disadvantages.Unpleasant wrinkles on the face, lines and uneven s

kin can be made almost invisible.

After applying foundation on the face deep nasolabial folds become particularly noticeable.To avoid this, you need a light pencil applied to these areas of small strokes and shaded by a latex sponge, so that was not clear edges.Then use transparantnoy face powder to give a matte finish.

To hide folds on his lips, should be carefully cut around the thin lips contour line.After that, a special brush to apply a thin layer of lipstick: it is thinner than, the stronger is connected to the skin, and not smeared.

Camouflage dark circles under the eyes can be with special semi-funds.

matte eye shadow distract attention from wrinkles .The most appropriate option in this case - neutral colors: beige, brown.

Christmas festivities usually protracted until morning.But you always want to make your festive as long as possible preserved its original appearance.To achieve this will help some makeup rules.

example, eye shadow pencil is better after the application of foundation and powder on the eyelids.You can then once again to powder pencil line or apply eyeshadow the same color fixing, thereby pencil.

On the lips should also apply a thin layer of foundation or powder, then cut around the contour of a pencil and then add a lipstick brush.To lipstick as long as possible kept on his lips, you need to get wet lips with a napkin and repeat again.

Initially foundation, apply to clean skin without using a base under make-up, then the powder and apply blush.After that, you need to take three cubes of ice and vigorous circular motion to walk them across the face.Each cube is used only until the moment when it begins to thaw, so as not to smudge makeup.After this procedure, fresh and neat appearance make-up will continue for a long time.And before makeup sluggish, tired skin can embolden tonic of lemon juice and water.

Quickly fix a festive make-up, you can use dampened paper towel, blotting her face, and then lightly powder, avoiding to create multiple layers.Adding during the evening mascara on the lashes is not recommended - it will begin to crumble.And it is good for special occasions used special cosmetics on wax and silicone, which will last a long time and will not let you.And most importantly, remember - you are adorable!Happy Holidays!