Cosmetic hygiene self-massage of the face

A few tips for those who decided to do self-massage cosmetic

1. The purpose of facial massage: with the help of more or less profound effects on the skin (as a prophylactic and therapeutic purposes) to intensify the blood and lymph vessels, sebaceous andsweat glands, strengthen the muscles of the face and neck, and with it, through the nervous system tone, and other body systems.

2. For women who have reached 40 years of age and willing to preserve the freshness of the skin of the face and neck, facial massage is required at least 1 time every 7-10 days.

3. Cosmetic self-massage is not a complete substitute for professional types of facial massage and is used to systematically track and prevention to maintain good skin condition if you can not visit the massage parlor.Therefore, the full name of this type of massage - cosmetic hygiene self-massage.Cosmetic self-massage is conducted sparing method and does not provide for a variety of massage techniques and movements that only a professional and cert

ified masseuses in specialized institutions may apply.

4. All motion in cosmetic preventive massage should be light, smooth and strictly comply with the directions of the major massage lines (lines of least skin tension), in the same way as when applying a cosmetic mask or cream.

"Massage movements should not in any way extend, rumple, squeeze or twist the skin of the face."

5. Before the massage, it is necessary to clean the face.First, wash it with lukewarm water with an admixture of borax (1/8 teaspoon per cup of water), then wash face with clean water.For oily skin of the face, you can use the appropriate lotion or herbal infusion to clean it, but you can just wash it with water from the "soft" soap.When normal and dry skin lotion can also be used, corresponding to the type of skin, but it is more useful to apply for its clean milky lotion.

Whatever you wash the face, easy to rub cleansing cream, lotion or lather with your fingertips on the massage lines: from the center of the forehead to the temples, from the nostrils - the ears, from the corners of the mouth and chin - to the temples, making small spiral movement onthe skin is not too hard and not too soft.

Simultaneously with the skin is required to clean the skin of the neck and shoulders.Dry the face and neck, applying a soft cloth, cotton wool or soft towels.Get wet, but do not rub your face.

6. Massage Cream apply on face profusely to massage "went like clockwork", otherwise it is not helpful and harmful, since the skin stretches.So sometimes the finished cream is to add a little olive oil to cream became more fluid and moving.Apply the cream to the face with your fingertips, with light strokes on the main directions of the massage lines, just as when applying face masks.

7. Keep your eyes on the cream first and lightly grease a special cream for the area around the eyelids, and when it's all massage area around the eyes, lubricate them more thoroughly.Immediately after the massage the eye area, remove the cream with a paper napkin century and continue to massage other parts of the face.