How to choose a perfume means

Of course, in a choice of spirits is necessary to focus primarily on their own tastes and preferences.This is a purely personal matter.

In each case should be guided by common sense.In a business setting, it is desirable to use perfume with a light aroma.Avoid sharp spirits with exotic scents mi.Strong flavors are appropriate in a solemn ceremony in the evening and during the day are more suited quiet unobtrusive odor.Every situation in life, every mood and style of demanding their smell.

There are general rules to facilitate the selection of spirits.For the correct choice of perfume you need palm of the hand, avoiding friction, as this gesture spoils perfume.Then inhale the smell at a distance by hand.

For greater precision in choosing the right perfume is necessary that it was some time between samples.Remember that the smell of alcohol, tobacco, dense food can affect the sense of smell.

Use any opportunity to try a new flavor.

When choosing a perfume smell will determine the type only individual

perception.Have you selected the perfume, can accurately answer test on the skin.Do not use scents, from which you feel uncomfortable.It is not recommended to choose new flavors in the early morning hours, when the sense of smell has not yet been incorporated in their entirety.

When molecules of essential oils get on the nasal mucosa, the scent affects the receptors and causes them to send impulses to the brain, causing us certain emotions.That is, there is an impact on the mental level.A simple example: if you pour the same perfume in different bottles, not similar to each other, and offer them to test, the same smells will be felt a little differently.This is an excellent example that shows what a decisive role is played by the mind in perception of smells.So never buy perfume because of the beautiful bottle - in you can expect a big disappointment.

Do not choose the spirits, if you have poor health, cold, and even the usual feminine malaise - it can have a negative effect on the perception of flavor.You can not try more than five flavors one after the other, smells to mix, and you will not be able to assess the spirits.

ideal way to try out the aroma - apply to the skin a few drops of perfume, walk a little, and only then make your choice.Before making a final decision, wait at least an hour, to the smell of fully manifested itself.

Just like clothes, the smell determines your style, so fragrance, which you spread around you, to be unobtrusive, to belong only to you and sets you apart from others.

find "your" scent, do not rush, consider your personality and preferences to not get that in the future, rather than to enjoy the aroma, you will experience a feeling of discomfort.Go back a few times a perfume shop, if necessary, even once you smell your favorite song before you buy something.

choosing a perfume or cologne, never smelled a bottle - it is best to apply the perfume on the skin.Perfume should be sniffing in the free volatilized and never - in concentrated.

In the colder months is better to choose the smells rich, warm, sensual.