Art evening makeup

Evening makeup for artificial lighting, which means that it should be a bright, eye-catching, more expressive.Saturated colors are selected.Cosmetics applied a thick layer.Use waterproof mascara resistant lipstick.

Before applying makeup, the face should be wiped with tonic water and soak the cream for your skin type.

start evening make-up you need to use the corrector, by which retouched skin defects (spots, acne, etc..).

Then do tonal base using foundation.Apply tonal correction tools should not fingers, and a sponge or sponge.cream gloss will help to remove dust.

Blush give the face freshness.We put them under the cheekbone almost to the ear round brush or sponge.Remember that it is not necessary to apply blush to the skin with pimples, so uneven topography of the skin become more visible.

necessarily need lipstick for evening makeup.To make the lips more brightness, seductive swelling, make a pencil outline, then apply lipstick and a little tronte lower lip middle shine.

To view became more

catchy, expressive, put the emphasis on the upper eyelid line.If you are using a contour pencil, it is necessary to observe the following sequence of the application of cosmetics: Pencil - the shadows - tesh for eyelashes.If you prefer liquid liner: shade - eyeliner - mascara.

choosing a shade of eye shadow, consider the color of your hair, eyes, colors intended attire.Brown eyes favorably emphasize blue-gray, mauve tones of shadows.Green eyes - light pink shade.Blue - brown, dark-beige shade.Using makeup slice several shades of shadows, shade them with a brush, so as not to be seen the transition boundary.

With shadows, you can adjust several features.For example, deep-set eyes are recommended violet purple and blue shadows.Bulging eyes more suitable golden, olive, beige shades.Close-set eyes do not sum up the dark tones in the inner corner of the eyelid from the nose.

If you want to make your eyelashes theatrical bent, it will look very impressive on the evening make-up, remember to tighten up the eyelashes before applying mascara to be.If you do it after applying mascara, lashes will break and fall out.

apply mascara from the center to the outer corner of the eye and then back to the staining of the cilia inner corner of the eye.To give your lashes extra volume, before applying mascara, use a transparent gel-primer, then apply two layers of mascara.And do not forget to comb eyelashes fine brush.

To give frequently lashes fluffy lashes before applying mascara powdered.This is a good move, but remember that this makeup quickly showered.

When applying evening eye makeup, do not forget the eyebrows correction.If you do not paint over the eyebrows special paints for eyebrows and eyelashes all the time, in a festive make-up can not leave them unattended.Two or three strokes of eyebrow pencil smudge brush or brush.Remember, eyebrows should not be too narrow and black, very wide and bright.

finishing touch to your festive evening makeup will shine, which may be on the lips, eyelids and even the cheeks instead of blush.

After the holiday ended, evening make sure you want to remove - now your skin has deserved rest.Use milky lotion makeup remover.Remove waterproof mascara specialized tools.Eye makeup remove the cotton balls in the direction of the nose, so as not to stretch the delicate skin around the eye area.

then wipe clean face well with tea, infusion of mint, chamomile, cornflower.You can advance for such cases to prepare a folk remedy.For example, mix one teaspoon of lime blossom, honey and raspberry leaves, pour a glass of cold water and boil, covered 10 minutes, then let brew for 10 minutes.Strain and store no more than one week in the refrigerator.