Cellulite .Anti-cellulite treatments

According to its mode of action wraps are divided into "cold", "hot" and insulated, that is similar to the human body temperature.Contrary to the general opinion of the procedure did not vary the temperature of the mixture used, and directly, the effects on the body during the procedure.Thus, the classic "hot" wraps, being the most pleasant and physiological procedure, dilates blood vessels and stimulate blood circulation, causing oxygen in the blood, burn body fat.

During the procedure through the open pores on the surface of the stand melted fat, waste and toxins."Hot" - not to burn, because the heat effect is created not by heating the tissue and because of increased blood flow.In general, hot wraps are usually performed any client, except those who suffer from varicose veins and can not boast of good vessels.

If you belong to those, we should not lose heart, you will not be warm, but rather cool.After all, with the "cold" wrap capillaries and blood vessels are narrowed, and blood and lymph "are" t

oxins and wastes in the internal cleansing organs.That is a "cold" body wrap is primarily recommended for clients with varicose veins, therefore many salons offer so-called "cold program" that helps fight cellulite while avoiding exposure to the problematic veins, which are counter-thermal procedure.

"In no case should not be used when wrapping a conventional polyethylene, in which the skin is really" choke »."

With these procedures can affect the region of the hands, the hips and the region "bridge" to solve local problems of excess weight,to ensure removal of excess water from the tissues and enhance circulation.

But especially "cool program" recommended for those whose professional activity is associated with long standing in an awkward position and unsuitable footwear, such as working as a waitress, a hairdresser or shop assistant, as well as extremely effective as rehabilitation after flebosklerozirovaniya.

Today, many companies produce a special wrapping material, which is a thin film, specifically designed for application to the skin.When it has a minimum thickness sufficient elasticity and gas permeability, which allows free movement of the film and prevents the inhibition of cell respiration.In no event should not be used with conventional polyethylene wrapping, in which the skin is really "choke".

This information may be useful for fans of home treatments.For reusable wrapping materials are also used in the form of elastic bandages.Particularly noteworthy are the compositions themselves, which are used for wrapping procedure.Extremely nice thing is that the procedure does not use chemicals, and all preparations are environmentally friendly and are prepared on the basis of herbs and seafood.And this is not a condition, but a certain philosophy of the method.Otherwise, there will be no effect.

primarily used to wrap all sorts of seafood, such as seaweed and mud.Wraps with mikroionizirovannymi algae significantly decrease cellulite bumps, make the skin elastic and supple, firm and revitalizes the body, saturating it with iodine, the lack of which leads to metabolic disorders, as well as all kinds of trace elements, vitamins and minerals.

Professionals appreciate «thalasso» - a special product derived from algae with high content of iodine.In combination with the therapeutic clay showing through its absorbent and healing abilities.By the way, seaweed wraps - the most popular and effective procedures in all the centers of thalassotherapy.They give excellent results in a variety of problems - from aesthetic defects to diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

addition to addressing specific problems seafood in general act on the body as a tonic, improves the immune system, saturate the body with iodine, minerals.These procedures are very comfortable, and all say the tide forces and mood improvement after the first session.But for a more robust solution to the problem is very popular combination of algae with plant extracts, from which the most famous ivy, caffeine, teofelik, musk, guarana and silicon.

considered very exotic substance Fango , or clean volcanic dust, which is popular in most Western centers of thalassotherapy.Fango has the property to keep warm for a long time, so in the process of wrapping up an intensive occurs first, and then an even heat influx.In its composition Fango contains important minerals for the muscles and bones, enhances blood circulation, alleviate pain and has a relaxing effect.Therefore, in addition to the cosmetic effect of a mixture of volcanic ash from the thermal water is a perfect tool for the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.On the basis of fango is carried out another procedure - parafango.

Many people ask the question: what is such a unique and all-healing mud is used for wrapping?So, above all valued Dead Sea mud, which is extracted from the seabed, processed and stored so as to best preserve their healing properties.It contains a large amount of salts and minerals such as magnesium, necessary for cell metabolism.This mixture is not only struggling with cellulite, but also has beneficial effects on blood circulation, nervous system, metabolism, visually smooths the skin.

Depending on the interior policy of the dirt can "flavor" algae, kaolin clay, natural essential oils of lemon and oregano extract of horse chestnut or field horsetail.By the way, the combination of body wraps aromatherapy is experiencing the peak of his popularity, and based on the integrated use of the therapeutic properties of talassoproduktov, aromatic oils and phytoextracts.

special composition of essential oils with deep warming effectively fight cellulite and massage on the basis of special aromasmesey it relieves stress, which is often the cause of overweight.And by the way, is quite mistaken who thinks wraps traditionally female privilege.According to the composition and appointment of "male" body wrap does not differ from the usual "women", with the only difference being that men often wrapped it tummies instead of the buttocks and thighs.

Nowadays, almost every beauty center has its original wrapping technique, in other words, a program of the procedure.Each cabin - their secrets, their specific compositions of mixtures for wrapping.So, for example, in some salons wrap precede a cup of tea, Turkish bath, special creams and massage and 20-minute ultrasound massage is used when necessary.But regardless of the method of wrapping procedure itself traditionally takes place in three stages As mentioned earlier, wraps - a whole philosophy, where each step is important.

as the first, as a rule, appears peeling based on sea salts and mud.Its main task is to deep cleanse the skin to the active substance "worked" the fastest and most deeply penetrated.If you are lucky enough to get into the hands of a bona fide professional, you will indulge even warming massage.

Next the skin is applied to the special anti-cellulite termogel such a penetration of active substances into the lower layers of the skin where cellulite is hiding an insidious.

next step - laying on serum that acts on fat cells, and then - a special cream helps to reduce body volume.massage is performed after the application of each drug.After that on the problem areas of the body imposed special formulations with active substances or special gels, and already on them - just a mixture of sea mud, shredded seaweed, salts and minerals as well as essential oils.These substances penetrate into the tissue, improve blood circulation, promote the conclusion of the tissues of excess fluid and fat deposits.

Finally, and most importantly, after the application of a mixture of healing your body, like candy, wrapped in special cosmetic and film, regardless of the type wraps, harboring thermal blanket, which lie under the warm and cozy.In many medical centers gain "sauna effect" is achieved by means of special capsules, where reigns a warm fragrant air.Stay in this warm cocoon - a real bliss, and, according to experts, the majority of clients at this time falling asleep.

Impact dirt lasts about 40 minutes, after which it is washed off in the shower, and parafango is removed directly on the massage table.You may well prolong the pleasure in ordering, for example, anti-cellulite massage with special gels or bath with sea salt.This traditionally ends the session wraps lasting usually about 1.5-2 hours.

Fasten the effect of cleansing the tissues of fatty lumps will pressotherapy.The main cause of cellulite - the stagnation in which the flattened lymph vessels and may not work in full and the metabolism slows down.Therefore, if you combine wrap with pressure therapy, fluid from fat cells, liberated and bred out during the wrapping, it can be easily removed from the body at pressure therapy session.Alternately the outflow and inflow of blood pressure set the desired mode for vascular gymnastics.Normalize metabolic processes and removes toxins and fat particles continues after the procedure.However, no longer directly, through the pores, and through the blood and lymph.

effect of wraps can be felt and seen immediately: skin becomes smooth and elastic, ugly relief "orange peel" smoothed.This treatment is designed for five weeks, and in the year of treatment should be repeated twice.Then the probability of re-formation of cellulite is reduced."Young", a loose cellulite amenable to quickly, so the rules remain the same: a balanced diet, an active lifestyle, regular maintenance of the body.

Due to the fact that the wrapping relates to a series of procedures that affect the temperature of the body, it has a number of contraindications.So, wrap absolutely contraindicated for women with gynecological diseases, as in inflammatory processes is unacceptable as heating, cooling and strong.Although virtually wrap reduces swelling and discomfort associated with menstruation.Categorically ban on wrappings applied in the presence of cardiovascular and skin diseases, as well as hypertension.

wraps the whole procedure is shown almost any woman or girl regardless of age.And, of course, it should be a step in the special anti-cellulite program, which usually includes massage, myostimulation and application of special creams.But even if you did not "fall off" to the coveted size wrapping significantly improve the appearance of the skin and give you a sense of confidence in his own irresistibility.