Makeup on every day

main rule - make-up is only applicable if a healthy skin.Makeup should be age-appropriate, the nature and purpose (work, holidays, special occasions) .Makiyazh consists of 4 stages

* toning facial

* eyebrow shaping and eye

* modeling of the face using blusher

* design lips.

Before make-up, skin is purified preparation corresponding to your skin type.Then put a small amount of day cream as a base.Tone Cream is distributed over the entire face lightly, evenly using sponge.

transitions to the neck should be carefully feather.For centuries, the layer tone should be very easy, and skin imperfections, such as circles under the eyes, red spots, it should be to disguise camouflage means.

zapudrivaetsya then face powder puff or brush, depending on the type of powder and condition of the skin (for dry skin powder is applied to easily and transparently be powder several times, especially for oily nose, chin and forehead).If eyebrows

require tinting, it is carried out by gray, brown or dark gray pencil

dashed movements in the direction of hair growth, but not a continuous line.The most intense staining of the place - the middle of the eyebrows.

Shadows is selected based on the color of eyes, hair, clothes.On the upper eyelid with a brush or applicator is applied to the shadows from the inner corner to the outer.The most intense staining of the place - the outer corner of the eye.Under the shadow of the eyebrows is applied more transparently and easily.

To increase the eye can be used as a liner-bar and pencil desired color.Lower eyelid can emphasize the outline, but it should be mild and pass unnoticed in the shadows.

mascara on upper and lower lashes are applied from the roots to the tips, as if combing them.If necessary, you can comb the lashes special comb or brush.

Blush should be in harmony with the color and shadows to look like a natural blush.The shape and location of blush determined by the shape and contours of the face.Blush is applied with a wide brush and shade for the smooth contour.

If the lips are dry, it makes sense to first apply a moisturizing balm, which will give wrasse elasticity and eliminate flaking.Line lips encircle the outline with a pencil and lipstick is applied in small doses to the brush parted lips and spread evenly.To remove excess lipstick, you need to wet the lips.To fix the lipstick can be powdered.

Completes make-up manicure.varnish color chosen accordingly style makeup and clothing