Twenty minutes for beauty .Massage and facial treatment

Skin Diseases and their treatment require tips and advice of a doctor.But in order not to lead to disease, skin care need to exercise daily.If you try, starting today evening free for facial skin and hands of a maximum of 20 minutes before bedtime and give yourself the word each evening, these 20 minutes to leave for himself and for himself alone, the result will not make you wait long.

So, 20 minutes each evening for health and beauty!

Purification of normal skin: softened water and very fat soap;for dry skin - softened water using a mild soap;for oily skin - cleansing cream or emulsion, soap containing sulfur and tar (tar soap, for example).

Technique cleansing for all skin types is the same: a cleansing agent is applied on the skin and after a minute or two removed from the face with a cotton swab.Be careful, do not press too hard on the skin, the movement only in the course of the facial muscles.Reminder: the forehead - from the eyebrows movements up to the hair;cheeks - from the chin to the temp

les;nose - from nose down;podglaze - from the temples to the nose!

And now, your face clean, fresh.Now for a massage - not sports, not curative (for these types of massage need advice and specialist advice), as usual, nightly, because the time in the morning did not carve out for him.

"Notice Me: massage, carried out once, did not give the desired result, so do it should be every night - we have identified a 20-minute facial treatment"

Getting a massage with the fact that the skin (cleaned!) In those placeswhere we will spend massage, causes fat cream, and to better palm slid lightly lubricate them with cream.

Remember: it is important that the nutrients (cream or ointment) is well absorbed by the skin, so do not use mineral oils (petrolatum, glycerin), and should use fats of vegetable or animal origin.Massage performed only in the mirror, and, most importantly, no violence, pressure - gently, very gently.

All techniques are repeated three times.The first method: the average and forefinger stroking movements go from the middle of the forehead to the temples.The second method: the massing along the zygomatic arch, located just below the eye muscle to the temples.The same motion massage from the corners of the mouth up to the temples.Do not forget the folds at the corners of his mouth: pat them gently a few times, and then do the same with puffed-out cheeks.

Our next concern - chin.Massage the chin: more vigorous movements, their direction - from the tip of the chin and along the lower jaw up to your ears.And if you have, or there has been planned a double chin?First of all, do not despair.You massaging chin - rotate the hands and thumbs (they have at the bottom) rotary movements treat fat accumulation place.

Do not move, please double chin to the side, because as a result of the layer of fat is reduced, and the freely hanging skin disfigure you.It is necessary to strike on it, Tapping, beat, but do not get.Keep your hands at shoulder height, and Drum fingertips on adipose cushion.

But treatment "crow's feet" and the eyes, especially sensitive, needs attention, care and control in the mirror."Crow's feet": splayed fingers (right hand - on the right side, left hand - on the left side) in the eyes stretch the skin.

Simultaneously, the middle and ring fingers describe three small circles - the rotational movement underway toward the eyebrows.Finish with a light stroking at the inner corner of the eye.Now the second step - a highly sensitive area of ​​the eye: a movement starting at the inner corner of the eye and a very light touch go under the eye to the temple.

Finally, massage the neck stroking movements back of the hand.