Chemicals in cosmetics

The composition of cosmetic products includes a variety of substances.The most common are given below.Having familiarized with their properties, you can better choose the necessary preparations for you.Allantoin

white powder, slightly soluble in water (1: 200) and alcohol (1: 500).In solutions with pH higher than 7 undergoes slow decomposition.It has a soothing and softening effect on the epidermis.Widely used in cosmetics intended for skin care.


substances that slow down the oxidation process (oxidation) of different chemical compounds.Used to increase the resistance of the products.Adding antioxidant necessarily when cosmetics contain unsaturated fatty compounds (oils, oleic acid).The most popular antioxidants that are allowed for use in cosmetic formulations - butylhydroxytoluene and butylhydroxyanisole.

Gum arabic (acacia)

Resin mimosa trees of the family, growing in North Africa.Colorless or yellow transparent mass, which can be ground to a powder, readily soluble in wa

ter (1: 2).Natural hydrophilic polymer.It has a stabilizing effect on the oil / water emulsions, thicken aqueous solutions, softens the skin.Currently it replaced by synthetic drugs.

Aromatic compositions

Mixtures of synthetic aromatics, often with the addition of natural essential oils that serve to give cosmetics a pleasant smell.Industrial aromatic compositions generally contain antioxidants and compounds holding scent.

Essential Oils

oily liquids derived from plants, mostly of flower petals.It is not soluble in water, soluble in alcohol and fats."Used in the composition of aromatic compositions, or after the addition of stabilizing agents as independent flavorings The most popular among them -. Attar

bentonite (bentonite clay)

mixture of silicate clay mineral powder having a color from cream to..gray. Since water forms colloidal solutions of high viscosity. in high concentrations acts gel-forming. It is a good stabilizer of aqueous suspensions and emulsions M / B type. It is used in various kinds of cosmetics, particularly for masks.

bromide tsetiltrimetiloammonievy

White powder, soluble in water. It has bactericidal and bakteriostatileskie properties. It removes static electricity. It is used in shampoos and preparations for hair care. in high concentrations may cause irritation of the skin.


white crystalline powder, soluble in water.In solutions with a pH above 7 is unstable, it decomposes with the release of allergenic formaldehyde.It has a strong bacteriostatic effect already at a concentration of 0.005%.It is widely used as a preservative.