Head massage.Exercise and massage for health and beauty

If in the evening you are so tired that we can not even turn his head.That head massage will be very useful, since it is a great way to relax.After head massages will make you feel like you can do to re-rodivshimsya.Massazh in the bathroom while washing the hair, or just sitting in a chair.Scalp in any case do not rub, and presses it against the bone.And massage the straight and circular movements.

Before starting head massage procedures should be carefully comb your hair, which will remove the electrical voltage.

1. Bring both hands under the back of the head, the thumbs are behind auricles.Turn your head to the right: massaging the left side of the head.Fingers of his left hand massage the left side of the head.Movement fingertips - smooth, circular.

2. The fingers spread apart and slightly bent.Massage your head movements, reminiscent of washing hair.Try to capture the maximum available area, including the head.

3. Left hand grab a tuft of hair as close as possible to the roots and strong enoug

h pull on the hair by stimulating hair follicles.Gently turn your head to the left.Repeat steps 1-3 on the right side.

4. Put your head up.Gently pat his forehead and crown.Then, spread the fingers and "comb" hair on the crown first, and then at the temples, and then again at the crown.

duration of the procedure-from 5 to 15 minutes

Several useful tips.

~ If you often comb hair comb or massage brush (preferably prodelyvat combing turn), then normalize the scalp circulation.

~ It is also useful for long dangling head, lie on the bed, and helpful and pleasant - lie, dream, normalizes blood circulation.

~ Fan hands hair, "Wave" head.Especially in the fresh air - it allows you to "feed" the hair of oxygen, which they lack.

~ Silent soft music, dim lights and fresh air will relax your mind.

Massage face - a kind of continuation of the head massages.Facial massage is not only relaxing, but also perfectly removes the skin from wrinkles.

~ Pre-clean the face skin tonic or lotion.Massage necessarily have to do with baby powder or oil, so that the skin is softened.

~ finger movement should be light, it is necessary to carry them from the inside to the outside.Especially oaorozhno need to massage the skin around the eyes.

~ massage is usually for 10-15 minutes.

1. Start facial massage should be with the neck, gradually moving up to the chin and forehead.Thus, the increased blood flow to the skin.First you need to perform the hand stroking the back side of the neck and face.Hands should be rubbed at the same time both sides of the face.

2. In the direction from the chin to the forehead forefinger and thumb should be easy to perform a pat face.

3. On the cheeks and the chin to gently knead the skin, but do not pinch or stretch it.We need to do it simultaneously and confidently with both hands.

4. forehead gently stroking both hands.This should be anonymous, middle and index paltsami.Dalee to do light tapping.

5. Then go to the cheeks and do a massage in a circular motion.Gently flatten the skin on the eyelids and around the eyes towards the temples.In the corners of the eyes to gently press the little finger and release immediately.

All this must be repeated three times.After the massage is finished, you need to lie down for a couple of minutes, completely relaxed.Remaining on the face cream wet cloth or cotton swab.