Be beautiful in any situation

Unsuccessful hairstyle, eyebrow correction terrible or heavy makeup - stress for the woman.It spoiled the mood, the missed meeting, the desire to hide and wait until everything is formed.Or maybe not so bad?Anyway, just do not panic.All correctable, therefore, no need to be upset, and look at yourself from the outside.

unsuccessful haircut and coloring

hair to a haircut is not different from the one on which you have agreed with the master (too short hair, not the form or unsuccessful fringe), and that then you do not have to prove in various instances their case, namely,the fact that properly and correctly explained the stylist what you want from it, find a suitable hairstyle magazine and go to the salon, along with a picture.Do not try to explain in words what you want to see on your head - to prove that you said exactly, but not this, then it is very difficult.Although it is worth noting that quite often the owners and managers of beauty salons decide controversial issues in favor of the client.

You can go to another salon and asked to correct a haircut and lead you in the divine form.Or you can make use of various means of laying.For example, you come to the aid of strong fixing gel.Spend one night at the mirror and find the styling that will look stylish.The easiest way to collect hair and make hair "ponytail".It is not difficult: Apply evenly on hair gel, assemble them on the top and make a high ponytail.With the gel will gather in a ponytail, even very short strands of hair.It is possible to shift the focus - to add a bright accessory for hair - band, hair clips, ribbon.They are now in vogue.

Another option - "artistic mess".Apply gel, mousse, or, better yet, the wax on the hair and vzeroshte them.This rejuvenates the face and hairstyle always looks well and advantageous.

What to do if you fail colored hair?Just do not try to immediately re-painted.Between the two stains must be at least a month, otherwise you can lose the whole head of hair!Correct the situation, you can use a toning shampoo - it perfectly aligns color, but will wash off in a week."Survive" in the month of shampoo and dyed her hair in the color that you want.

grayish hue can be eliminated with the help of yellow, yellowness estimates of location shoots purple, orange gleam - blue nuance reddish tint persists green.And if your hair after coloring turned green, you can help warm shades of brown.Too dark color will come down over time itself.

Unsuccessful makeup is much easier to correct

thick layer of foundation can be removed from his face carefully: you have to sprinkle the skin with water and blot with paper towel or tissue paper will absorb the excess.Strong blush shade can cream on a sponge, and make-up will no longer seem so overloaded.

eyelashes stick together now in vogue, but if you do not like it, comb it clean brush until you remove lumps.Excess paint on eyebrows removed with the help of a toothbrush - apply a little powder and comb his eyebrows.Too bright lipstick blot with a tissue, paper handkerchief.Too dark lipstick first, blot, then apply a top layer of a lighter tone or lip gloss.

Eyebrows "thread"

If you made an unsuccessful correction of the eyebrows, or you are a long time too assiduously plucked eyebrows and would now like to regain past thick happiness, do not despair - you can grow eyebrows.However, be honest, the case is complicated and long.Eyebrows will grow back for two months, but in order for them to grow straight, rather than in opposite directions, without the aid can not do.Excellent brovinok enhances growth, and gives them the right direction castor or burdock oil deposited on the brush from the old carcasses.However, these oils are strong enough smell, but very useful for hair growth.