Holiday Lessons

skillfully make-up - a half of female attractiveness.And so well-chosen makeup, appropriate, made carefully and professionally - is the most important thing.Of course, the easiest way to a particularly important and solemn occasion to turn to professionals, but can become familiar with his face, and the most to learn to care for their own appearance, select the entire set of festive options for makeup your own unique image.February 23 - reason enough to look beautiful and unusual.It remains only to choose and go!

Makeup "lily Botticelli»

Winter, snowy expanses can be quite harmoniously bring in sophisticated image of the Renaissance.The basis of such a make-up - white.For eye makeup is best to use white pearlescent shadow.Put them on the upper and lower eyelids and a good shade border.Then draw the eye white pencil to color was more saturated.An interesting point is that the ink is not used - lashes are powdered shadows.This, of course, does not add expressiveness, but the white color visually rais

es his eyebrows, and the eyes look larger.Further, a very delicate moment.White loose powder - it is necessary that it is flat and naturally.A person should be careful to powder, but it should not resemble a mask.Blush are only slightly.Ideal color light flush of shame.And on the lips apply a pinkish transparent shine.

Makeup "bright temptation»

White snow, cloudy sky, the complete absence of bright colors - the best background for a red lipstick can imagine.However, a bright accent requires a very nuanced approach.It is important to properly select and apply tonal resources, so that the skin look flawless - without flaws and without plaster on her face.From bright lips nothing should distract.Eye makeup should not be provocative.Eye shadow should be light, muted colors: light gray, beige, light coffee, light green with lilac, etc.Remove the impression of "sleepy" eyes and give them expression can be using the bulk of black mascara.And now the main thing.The lips need a little powder, the contours of a pencil for the lips in the tone of lipstick.Then you can have lipstick.Red Lipstick is very insidious.If as a base for make-up were used greasy creams or tonal means that no dusting lips will not save - Lipstick crawl in different directions.And she still has the ability to be lubricated in the corners of the lips.So it is best to choose less fatty creams and most stable lipstick that nothing marred this juicy splendor.

Makeup in the style of «pop art»

For this kind of holiday makeup used saturated and bright colors.He, no doubt, is intended to attract attention.His main slogan - "Down with stereotypes!" This makeup carries dust immutable tenet - on the face should be only one accent.Here it should be emphasized: the eyes, cheeks and lips.Which color is better to have lost its tan skin - of course, pink.And his eyes are no exception - with the eye makeup is just to start.Eyes can be emphasized dark purple pencil for eyelids, then apply on upper eyelid shade of pink.It is better to use a special brush and crisp, slightly glowing shade.Then again hold a pencil Eye on previously scheduled contour, and after tint eyelashes volume mascara.Blush applied with a wide brush.To properly do this - you need to smile, then a small triangle will appear on the cheeks.According to him, and should be carried out with a brush.To make better use of the blush in shade-like light "blush".The final touch - lipstick pink cool shade.Makeup in the style of «pop art» is especially good for brown-eyed brunettes with matte skin.

Makeup "romantic evening»

This make-up is designed for light hair and skin.The main focus of this makeup - radiant look.To do this, use a special method of eye makeup: pearlescent shade, which also allow to hide fatigue, and dark circles under the eyes.The main rule: If you select the eyes, the lips must maintain the natural color, so the lipstick should be bright tones.However, his lips as his eyes should shine.To do this, apply a little gloss or "diamond" lipstick soft tone in the middle of the lower lip, and a second compressed lips.The top of the evening make-up in a romantic style - porcelain glow.To create it using a pale pink blush with a slightly perceptible bluish tinge.They attract artificial light and give the skin a soft glow of opal.

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