Makeup Lessons .Powder in your purse

Powder is in the purse every woman.And, the truth, because during the day it is imperative to look at myself in the mirror and powder your nose starts to shine.But what a powder, nemnogie.Pudra know it is white or painted in different colors tonkodispersionnaya flavored mixture of mineral and organic components.The main components

powdered materials are powdered talc, kaolin, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, starch, magnesium stearate and zinc, magnesium carbonate, inorganic pigments.Talc

included in all kinds of powder in large amounts - up to 50-80 percent.This product gives a soft mineral powder flowability and a good sliding effect.

Kaolin has a high coating ability and absorbs excess sebaceous secretions.However, due to its high hygroscopicity use in powdered limited to 25 percent.

zinc stearate - very soft product, thanks to which the powder is well kept on the skin, making it smooth.It is used in the amount of 5-15 percent.Starch (in powder it about 8%), gives the skin a velvety.

Zinc white (zinc oxide), and titanium dioxide - products having good hiding power.Zinc oxide, moreover, has antiseptic properties and are therefore also used as a disinfectant additive.

Usually these oxides introduced into the powder in an amount of not more than 15 percent, since at high concentrations they cause skin dryness.Only powder specifically designed for oily skin, contain large amounts of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

powder dyes give a variety of shades.Most often used organic and inorganic pigments and varnishes.Pigments are added in an amount of from 1 to 5 percent, depending on the degree of whiteness of the substrate.As a general rule, apply multiple pigments.

as mineral supplements, favorably affecting the skin, apply powder skin softening agents (oils, etc..) And anti-inflammatory supplements such as chamomile.

Compact powder, unlike crumbly, further comprising coupling additive allowing its compression when under the pressure of a certain size to obtain pellets that retain their shape and durability with prolonged use.

quality powder has the following characteristics:

• homogeneous mass

• fine "grinding»

• pleasant smell.

choosing a powder, pay attention to the product meets these requirements.