Skin Care : facial massage and facial mask

According to cosmetologists, massage main chain faces is to increase the capacity of the skin to a more efficient operation.Massage the face, of course, it stimulates blood circulation, which implies an increase in the natural cell renewal and preserve the balance of fat and liquid components.However, normal healthy skin is functioning efficiently and by itself, without the help of facial massage.In any case, you can use this method if you, like others, find it relaxing and invigorating.However, the belief that only one facial massage will dramatically improve the skin and produce a relaxing effect, unjustified.

Sometimes for aging facial skin is recommended that some form of normal facial massage.This treatment combines cleansing, vacuum massage, hand massage of the face, neck and shoulders, the liquid mask, toning skin treatment and makeup.

Another option that can be recommended: cleansing, facial massage by high-frequency vibrations, the liquid mask, toning creams, lotions and makeup.

Face Mask - a useful addition to the daily skin care.It nourishes, moisturizes the skin, improves blood circulation.If you choose it correctly, it will make the skin more supple, relieve irritation and prolong the effect of salon procedures.

Repairing Mask will provide support for aging skin.Freshen complexion help mask-peeling.Soothing Mask with green tea, ginseng and aloe sensitive skin will solve the problem - to eliminate rashes, redness, flaking.

dry skin masks are useful with glycerin, almond oil and moisturizing ingredients.Oily skin needs a mask based on clay or curative mud, which absorbs excess oil, cleaned and narrow pores.Mask for eye area - cooling or with caffeine - remove traces of fatigue and swelling.

noticeable effect of the mask is not more than 3 days, thus making it necessary to 2 times per week.The ideal time - the evening, but not before going to sleep,

beneficial ingredients to penetrate the skin more deeply and more quickly, you need to steam her wet towel in hot water and apply to face for 10 seconds.Repeat several times.Then apply on face and scrub gently massage the skin for 2 minutes.Scrub Wash with warm water and and dry face towel, apply a mask.If you are using a mask-peeling, scrub to use it is not necessary (and then you can not apply the cream with vitamin A).

cleansing mask can not be held for more than 10 minutes, apply nourishing for 20 minutes.And watch the reaction of the skin: if you feel a burning sensation, immediately rinse off the mask.

After compression mask for dry skin is not necessary to wash: it is enough to get wet face cloth.Drying of the skin mask with clay or mud gently remove the tampon, without stretching the skin.Masks film before removing the need to soak, applying to the face a wet towel.