Makeup " Smokey Eyes " for green eyes step by step

Since ancient times it was believed that women with green eyes, possess extraordinary abilities, so are attracted to men.And if we strengthen this impression to choose the right makeup, to make the look more expressive, mysterious?

"The main thing to remember when applying makeup, that not all of the colors of cosmetics can be combined with eye color."

Opportunities makeup

ideal option for women with green eyes is to make "Smokey Eyes".Make-up of this type is very popular because it allows you to fully disclose all the appeal of the female image.

Makeup "Smokey Eyes" makes it possible to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, and to hide the shortcomings: to visually increase or raise his eyes.

is believed that this type of makeup is to be made in black and gray colors as these are the colors correspond to the concept of "smoky eye".However, the world is full of stereotypes, but because we should not forget that for such a make-up can be used in a variety of colors, the main thing correctly to pick up t

hem to your eye color.

tone Selecting

Makeup "Smokey Eyes" for the green-eyed girls is best done in chocolate, dark green, purple and gold tones.These colors are more likely combined with green eyes, and not overshadow all the beauty of the eyes.

Step by Step Makeup overlay "Smokey Eyes" for green eyes:

algorithm for creating the popular make-up for green eyes is very simple, and is shown below.

* The first step is to prepare the skin for the subsequent make-up.a sufficient amount of nourishing cream should be applied, and after the skin is dry, you can begin to make-up.

* Next, you must choose the type of make-up "Smokey Eyes", the most suitable to the eyes.The first type is designed for all eyes, and its advantage is the possibility of increasing the width of the eye.However, with this embodiment, the main thing is not to overdo it, because you can easily reach the eyes narrowing effect.The second option is the most suitable for women who have lowered the outer corner of the eye.With the second option, you can achieve the visual effect of raising the corners of his eyes.

* Further emphasize the eyebrows.For this purpose, use a pencil with coffee or brown tint, which is more suited to the natural color of eyebrows.

* Then you need to cut around the eye liner along the natural lash line.The circuit must be made larger, closer to the outer edge of the eye.Most often use black eyeliner, but you can use other colors.

* Next, apply light shades of shadow on the upper eyelid, continuing until mid podbrovnogo area.Shadows of the same color must be applied to the lower eyelid.The eyebrows and the inner corner of the eye must be emphasized in white.

* The next step involves a move to the shadows with a darker shade.The shade can vary from black and gray to emerald and even purple.

* Shadow is applied to the outer part of the eye, not forgetting the shading on the upper and lower eyelid.An area in which the shadow applied, it is possible to narrow and widen depending on what the effect to be achieved.

* The final touch in the implementation of makeup are eyelashes.In order to increase the volume of eyelashes, enough to take the right mascara, or use false lashes for maximum effect.

After Makeup "Smokey Eyes" is over, you need to apply gloss and lipstick on her lips.Importantly, do not forget that lipstick or gloss should have a neutral shade.This fact is due to the fundamental law of good taste: you need only pay attention to one thing, otherwise it can seem vulgar and overly catchy.