Creams .The composition and kind of creams

main goal of cosmetic products that are used to skin care - maintenance, water-lipid balance in the epidermis.Lubricating grease clean skin causes disturbances in the stratum corneum and results in drying of the skin.Such properties are not the emulsion, whether oil is in a soluble phase or in the liquid.Therefore, most of cosmetic skin care is made in this form.

Depending on the consistency of isolated cosmetic creams - a thick emulsion, cosmetic lotion and - less thick emulsion.Depending on the purpose creams and cleansing lotions are divided into: safety and others.Most of all disputes is the term "wetting" as used in creams, since, in addition to products for special purposes, all cosmetic products from this group have a skin moisturizing effect.

Another type of separation is the use of the terms "day" and "night", pointing to the time of day when it is a cosmetic to be used.In this case, it refers to the faster absorption of creams daily, while night creams often contain nutrients and active elem


Fatty creams applied to the skin, are absorbed poorly.Having greased face, remove excess fat cream, thereby removing dirt from the skin.This cream also has a cleansing effect.After erasing is a thin film of fat, have a softening effect on the epidermis and prevents it from drying out.

Over the years, creams formulations have undergone significant modifications.Now less and less used previously very popular part of the wax - a drill that is being replaced by synthetic emulsions.

the other side to introduce various creams fats, especially useful for the skin, for example, turtle oil, mink oil, avocado oil, and others.

fatty creams are also an excellent base for the many nutritional stimulant drugs.

frequently used items fatty cleansing and nourishing creams is lanolin and its products.

lanolin main element - a natural fatty substance supply the horny layer of the epidermis - cholesterol.

Lanolin - a very valuable item, which is part of the creams.With the ability to absorb water, it forms on the epidermis fat layer close to natural, dry and stops the loss of skin elasticity.

significant drawback of lanolin and its derivatives - are increasingly manifesting allergic to these groups of compounds.In many countries, manufacturers of cosmetics are required to indicate on the packaging of information about the presence in the formula of lanolin cream.By

described fatty creams Group also owns creams used for massage .

During the massage, there is friction between the hands of the masseur and the skin.This friction can be reduced using vaseline or paraffin oil, but they have a drying effect on skin.

therefore useful to use this emulsion preparations.As a basis we can take any fat cream.More suitable, however, are poorly absorbed into the skin, with a high content of petroleum jelly or paraffin oil.

Another type of creams, which became the starting point for a whole range of products with a wide range of applications, is absorbed cream .This is an easy-nourishing moisturizer oil / water, is quickly absorbed into the skin.Standard recipe such cream based on the content of stearin.

The emulsifier used in this case stearic soap, and more recently - the mixture of soap with synthetic emulsifiers or exclusively synthetic substances.

absorbed cream in its classic version is characterized by a specific surface gloss due to the presence of stearin crystals, which at room temperature has to be firm.When applied to the skin, a white layer, quickly disappearing as absorption.

Variety absorbed cream - cream base , which is used for make-up.The boundaries between classical and absorbed cream-based creams is now quite conventional.The whole group is defined today called «day creams» .

It is composed of different elements.Most often they occur among acetyl and stearyl alcohols, accelerating the process of absorption and influencing the consistency of a cream, as well as lanolin, lanolin alcohols, paraffin oil and the like.Always used hygroscopic compounds - glycerol, propylene glycol.

The composition day creams often include herbal extracts and vegetable juices that have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Derivatives day creams are balms body - semi-emulsion, a task which moisturize the skin and slightly promaslivat.The composition of balms often include allantoin, collagen, herbal extracts with a soft action - chamomile, Nogotkova, lime, rosemary and others.

composition close to Balsamo, have creams for hands.They often contain allantoin.They are administered substances having healing, anti-inflammatory action.

Along with the described types, there are many so-called universal creams , combines the properties of fatty creams with properties quickly absorbed daily.Depending on the skin type, they can be used for various purposes.

Protective creams are used to protect the hands from harmful factors, such as detergent solution, engine oil, aqueous solutions of acids and alkalis, and others.Creams after rubbing this type left in the hands of the skin protective layer with a considerable degree of chemical resistance.Modern protective creams contain as the main element of silicone oils.In older recipes perform their role petrolatum, waxes and stearates of zinc and aluminum.

To protect against gasoline used creams containing hydrophilic polymers form a protective layer which is impermeable to hydrocarbons.