Cellulite .Vacuum massage against cellulite

Endermologie - a combination of exposure and dosed vacuum roller massage.By the way, this method was invented by the French.They even set up a special unit for Endermologie.It is more effective and gentle kind of vacuum massage in combination with roller - two rotating roller grasp the skin fold, which is also held by a vacuum between the rollers - and beautician "stretches" the crease formed in the right direction, that is, there is an active mechanical stimulation of tissue.

During the procedure, treated the entire surface of the body, the problem areas special attention.The effectiveness of the procedure increases the use of a special suit, dress up before stimulation.

Endermology reduces the volume of fat cells by activation of lipolysis in subcutaneous fat, remove the swelling, improve blood circulation and lymph flow, improve elasticity and tone sagging skin, smooth out the "orange peel", that is the most effective to fight cellulite and excessbody weight.The method also allows you to simulate t

he contours of the body.

contraindications small, but they are still there.Endermologie - is very effective, but it is quite an expensive procedure.As an alternative, you can use a home vacuum massage.Can be used for vacuum massage banks, and it is possible - ... vacuum cleaner.This is a very funny way, accidentally open one of the women who took to fight cellulite on their own.It may seem ridiculous, but doctors, oddly enough, give the go-ahead for its use.Because, unfortunately, to buy a vacuum massager can afford not everyone.So, please, non-standard replacement, innovative discovery - a powerful vacuum cleaner!

vacuum tube pre-rubbed well from dust and dirt.Desirably alcoholic solution.The skin is lubricated with oil ( "basic": almond, olive, plus essential oil of lemon, mint or rosemary).We put the vacuum cleaner to the problem areas and turn.The movement from the bottom up.It is desirable to have the handset a little window to control the pressure.