Makeup for Blondes - step by step instructions with photos

What is different from the make-up make-up brunette blonde?It would seem that the same ink, outline, shade blush ... However, the blonde makeup is significantly different colors and saturation of colors - it should be more gentle, natural.Therefore, make-up artists are similar to the opinion that natural makeup for blondes - a golden mean, that clearly expresses the individuality and easily, discreetly emphasize the beauty and elegance of the amazing light skin.

Select base

tone cream makeup blonde should be ideally suited to the natural skin tone.Colour milky beige with a hint of winter and summer translucent golden hues.It should not be thick, because it creates a thick cream on the face and a thick layer makes it unnatural, somewhere even vulgar.Would be the best light translucent cream, necessarily has a moisturizing effect.If the composition of the cream will be reflective particles, the skin acquires a natural reflection of the porcelain.


Here, everything is clear - the lighter the ski

n, the lighter the blush should be.Allowed the use of brown and peach tones from owners of dark skin and dark eyes.Lipstick should be chosen to match the blush.About


In no case can not encumber the radiant glow of the face blonde in bright colors.There need a light beige tone, or a complete lack of shadows.Although it is possible with the shadow flickering effect.

most suitable use of the blonde gray or brown pencil eyeliner.Black mascara will be appropriate in the evening make-up, and for the day is better to choose a dark brown.

Blonde can not do accents in front with the help of a thick black arrow, you can not use some contrasting colors, and are best avoided deep dark shadows.

About lipstick

Best of all, if a natural makeup for blondes will be used transparent shine - lips will look beautiful and sexy.If you are tempted to lipstick, it is best to choose a tone similar to the natural color.


For blondes very advantageously distinguished dark eyebrows.They help to enhance the beauty of the eyes, to express tenderness image

Getting makeup

First you need to apply concealer to the dark areas under the eyes, then proceed to the application of foundation.Typically, start applying tone basis with T-zone, and then further along massage lines, they cover the entire face.Then lightly powdered face and begin to make-up eyebrows.It is best to use this shade, not pencil.Be sure to draw the border of the eyebrows, it is best to do it in gray.

White shades superimposed thin strip under the brow, allow open eyes.On the mobile eyelid can cause coral-brown or beige-pink.The first color to be located at the outer corner of the eye.

Next to the inner corner of the eye shadow color should change toward lighter.For a more vivid expression, it is better to use three colors.The tone on the mobile age to be connected with the tone on the lower eyelid.To do this, a fine brush to hold a light shadow line, for example, olive green.From the inner corner of the eye to the outside, the line should be expanded.Feather line.

Now a little mascara, light, airy blush and a little lip gloss.To lips were natural look, it is not necessary to sum up the pencil outline.

perfect natural makeup blonde ready!