Gymnastics and massage for face and neck

for face exercises you can start doing at the age of 23 years.The main thing with this - the regularity.Gymnastics for face effective against facial wrinkles.Exercises should be performed on a regular basis - daily 5 times every morning.And after 2-3 weeks you can evaluate the result: the face will look fresh and molozhe.Vypolnyayut gymnastics for the person on a "tension and relaxation", in this case you need to strain your muscles as much as possible and keep them on their toes 8-10 seconds, then let go.

next set of exercises:

Exercise 1 .Put your fingers in the base of the eyebrows and, keeping the skin gently move his eyebrows.

Exercise 2 .Fingers flat put on the forehead and pull the eyebrows up.

Exercise 3 .Two fingers pressed to the corners of the eyes and pull up the lower eyelid.

Exercise 4 .Place the thumb on the corners of the mouth and lips tight squeeze.

Exercise 5 .Use your fingers to pull the lower lip and force muscles to pull it down.

Exercise 6 .Put your index fingers a

t the outer corners of the eyes, put the thumbs on the cheeks.Widely smile, overcoming resistance.

Exercise 7 .Pointing fingers pressed against the sides of the nose and wrinkled his nose against the resistance.

Exercise 8 .Put your index fingers diagonally over the corners of the mouth and press down firmly to teeth muscles around the mouth.

Massage increases blood circulation and lymph flow, as a result of metabolic processes in the skin cells are accelerated, the skin becomes supple, elastic and smooth.This treatment relaxes and tones, but only on condition that it is done correctly.

If on the face appeared thin, barely visible wrinkles and skin was not as elastic as it used to, but very pronounced age-related changes - deep wrinkles, folds, facial contours violations - not yet, it is recommended hygienic or light massage.Basically it shows the young and middle age.

Hygienic massage is a light flowing movements, which are produced in strict accordance with the direction of skin lines.

Gentle facial massage can be performed independently.It is recommended to do with the use of massage cream or massage masks.In absence of these handy suit and the usual nourishing cream.

begins and ends with a massage with gentle pumping movements, in the middle of a session using more energetic techniques - kneading, effleurage.

Do not squeeze, rub or stretch the skin.Massaging, easily and gently glide over her fingers.The smooth and rhythmic movements calming effect on the nervous system.During the procedure, the eye is better to close - in this case, the relaxing effect becomes stronger.

Massage start from his brow.Smooth forehead with the palm upwards.
average lead fingers around the eyes in the direction of clockwise.
spiraling movement from the bottom up massage the skin along the wings of the nose.
small "eights" smooth nasolabial folds.
upward spiral massage cheeks.
Several times lead round circles the mouth, starting from the middle of the lower lip.
movement, rising obliquely upward, his hands massaged his neck.

In conclusion, you need to easily slap in the face with his hands - it tones.