Chemicals in cosmetics


mixture of semi-fluid hydrocarbons.White soft mass, insoluble in water and soluble in alcohol and fats.Vaseline is completely neutral for the skin, in a mixture of fat has a softening effect.Widely used as a part of fatty cream Oil / Water, as well as in some cosmetic products for makeup.


creamy or pale yellow mass, insoluble in water and soluble in fats.It consists mainly of fatty acid esters.It contains up to 13% hydrocarbons and 14% of the fatty acids.Sodium salts of these acids are excellent emulsifiers / O.So-called white beeswax is widely used in creams / O, as well as solid solutions.


Natural or synthetic products consisting of fatty acid esters with higher alcohols and hydrocarbons.The major natural waxes - is ozokerite, candelilla and carnauba waxes are widely used in the manufacture of cosmetic products for makeup, as well as beeswax, fatty creams used in w / o.

sodium hexametaphosphate

White hygroscopic powder, soluble in water.Forms complexes with ca

lcium ions, softens hard water and preventing the deposition of calcium soaps.Used in hair rinses and salts for the bath.

hydrophilic polymers

group of natural and synthetic polymers soluble in water.Their solutions are viscous, and at high concentrations is a gel.Often have stabilizing effect on the O / W emulsion.Widely used in the manufacture of cosmetic preparations and emulsion gels.Natural polymers (gelatin, tragacanth) recently supplanted semisynthetic and synthetic drugs.


White, viscous liquid.Miscible with water and alcohol and not dissolved in fat.It has hygroscopic properties (absorbing water from the air), slow drying cosmetics.When applied to the skin retain moisture, prevents drying of the epidermis.Widely used as a moisturizer in various cosmetic preparations.