At the time and place.How to rectify the mistakes of makeup

Millions of women around the world impose a make-up day.But one result - a feast for the eyes, while others - leaves much to be desired.The success of this outstanding (without irony) actually depends not only on taste and experience, but also on the knowledge of simple rules of make-up.

These rules are as follows:

  • chosen style make-up must match your appearance type
  • should not blindly imitate their idols by copying their makeup
  • makeup should always be to the point and totime.

now analyze typical mistakes when applying make-up and try to avoid them.

Makeup applied unevenly fragments.When tinted lips and the eyes of a person who is not covered with powder, it will appear unhealthy, skin defects will literally scream itself.

thick layer of foundation ages face .Do not overdo it.

too bright, roughly applied blush you will be given a head cheeks burning is not excitement.Blush should be how to shade.They are relevant only with full make-up.

eyebrows, let down too heavily , will make you older and vulgar.Summing eyebrow strokes, imitating the hairs.

eyebrows summed dark color with light hair .With your they face, girl?With this hair color, it is desirable to sum eyebrows brown pencil.

eyelids are covered with shades of one color .It looks like a spot, if not as a bruise.When casting shadows must use at least two colors.Do not forget to thoroughly shade the shadows, creating a smooth transition from dark to light.

mascara on the eyelashes too thickly overlaid .In this case, eyelashes matted look.This can be avoided if the comb eyelashes.

Dark lipstick makeup in daylight .Woman vamp some.Follow the golden rule: the color of lipstick at the daily make-up should be close to the natural color of the lips.

mismatch of colors and shades in makeup .This can happen if you have chosen warm colors for the eyes and the cold - lip.In this case, follow these tips: bright colors soften neutral, such as blue - pearl blue.

makeup colors do not blend in with the color of your eyes and skin color.In this case, make-up will look like a mask.This option is only available when choosing a fantasy make-up.

mismatch clothes makeup.This is possible if you use a modest outfit bright, aggressive paints or if the luxury toilet you have too timid makeup.