Hair care.Self-massage heads

any hair quality is largely dependent on the scalp blood supply, ie. E. The hair supply.To improve the flow of blood can be primarily self-massage is pressed energetic movements on the scalp slightly bent fingers.Systematic this massage (morning and evening) will give excellent results.

are useful for hair and skin of the head pair bath, wrap a hot towel head, followed by a massage.

sequence of this procedure is as follows:

- free neck, cover with a towel and clothes and a cape;

- the scalp and neck wiped with a cotton swab moistened with an alcohol solution or cologne;

- dry hair before the massage is recommended to lubricate the burdock oil or a mixture of equal amounts of castor or olive oil;

- starting from his forehead with his thumb and index fingers of both hands in the folds seize the entire tissue thickness in the brow and squeeze;

- such movements repeat the entire length of brow, from the nose to the temples (it should be borne in mind that the slightest shift of the fingers results i

n pressure on the eyeballs and can cause unwanted reflex);

- the tips of two or three fingers of both hands to do the circular kneading temporal area and the mastoid process;

- the tips of the four fingers to produce a pressing stroke of the brow towards the front edge of hair;

- close my fingers and pat his forehead with his hand from the bottom up - from brow to hairline edge;

Go to massage the scalp

- comb the hair from the crown in different directions;

- the tips of one or two fingers of his right hand to make a circular kneading along the parting from the crown to the border of the scalp;

- to do the same at the following parting etc .;

- the tips of the four fingers bent it is necessary to move the skin of each parting back and forth from the crown to the periphery;

- hands lay on the scalp parallel to one another: the right hand - on the parietal region and the left - on the occipital.Right, must be done by hand kneading, supporting his head left.Movement should be carried out in circles, moving the whole head;

- right and left hands to clasp the corresponding half of the head, with the fingers of both hands should be diluted.The fingertips must touch.Skin with underlying tissue underneath move simultaneously in opposite directions;

- right hand firmly grasp the parietal and levoy - occipital region.At the same time the skin together c tissues lying under it to move towards each other.Such movements are repeated over the entire surface of the head;

- in conclusion, it should promassirovat neck.

Recipes compounds that can be used to massage the scalp

* Clear medium onion, cut and dipped in 1/2 cup rum.Infuse for 24 hours.Then, remove the slices of onion and the remaining liquid is used for massaging the scalp.Composition strengthens hair, promotes their growth.

* Lanolin - 2 tablespoons of castor oil - 3 tablespoons of coconut (peach) butter, melted pork fat - 1 tablespoon of water - 0.5 cups, vinegar (apple) - 1 teaspoon of glycerin - 1 tspspoon liquid soap or shampoo clean - 1 tsp.Melt butter and lanolin in a bowl;in another heat water in a water bath.Quickly pour the water in the first dishes, stirring constantly until completely mixed.Use the following composition.2 tablespoons applied to dry hair and keep them warm.If this composition and add the egg, it will affect the recovery of very dry hair.Use for massage.

* Mix one egg, 2 tablespoons castor oil, 1 teaspoon and 1 teaspoon of glycerin.Continuous whipping, applied by rubbing on the scalp.Cover your head with a warm towel, hold for a while over the steam, massage and rinse.The hair will become thicker, shiny, soft, will be better laid.

* Beat 1 egg and mix with 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of sunflower or olive oil.Vmassirovat well into the scalp.Warm up the hair, then rinse shampoo.This structure improves the appearance of hair and makes them obedient, which is an important consideration when styling hair.