Beauty Secrets to 8 th March : hair , makeup , clothes

March 8 - is a celebration of women.And no matter how beautiful was the outfit, you must consider yourself the most compelling and magnificent.Then others will think the same.

Let the smile never left this spring day with your lips, and loved ones surrounded by love and care.Let yourself be loved and to love.For this, use a few helpful tips.

Magic beauty procedures

Renewed body

Freshness body returned douches and tonics.

  • Soak in a warm bath for 20 minutes.
  • then make peeling.Deep moisturizing the skin will provide a soft scrub.Use gloves or a hard sponge.
  • Take a contrast shower (start with warm water and finish with cold).
  • Use the cream for the body.It is possible to add 2 - 3 drops of mandarin oil.

Dazzling hair

to have healthy looking hair, you need to make a nourishing mask.To this mix:

  • 1 teaspoon of honey.
  • 1 egg yolk.
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Leave the mask on hair for half an hour.Then rinse and rinse them with water citrus.The hair will be healthy and shiny.

Spring hairstyle

  • home Screw on the whole mass of hair curling iron to get a close curls.Use your fingers to gently comb them.
  • Nacheshite at the roots of the hair at the crown.The upper strands gently straighten and lock varnish.
  • to comb strands lift slightly at the back and secure with stealth.Gather in the casual beam of the remaining hair just below the invisible.
  • Tail twist in a lush beam that was not visible the invisible.Construct lock pins.
  • had a couple of careless strands of a person.Spray hair with lacquer again.

Makeup on March 8 March 8

women congratulate all day.Hence, a festive make-up should be done in the morning.And then turn it in the evening - more saturated and bright.


cleanses and moisturizes the skin with a cream.Once it is absorbed, causes foundation.Corrector corrects imperfections in the skin.To do this, we put a little hand corrector and hide problem areas (bags under the eyes, pimples, redness).Under eye concealer inflict from the outer edge to the inner.This will be the base for eye makeup, if you put it on the upper eyelid.


spring it is best to use a pink-peach blush.They need to be applied after the foundation under the cheekbone flat strip.Direction - from the middle of the cheek to your hairline.After applying the well-shaded.


In spring feast for the eyes bright makeup shades will suit more.To make good use of any outfit blue pencil.On the upper and lower eyelids draw a line on a path of growth of eyelashes and shade them.Violet shade suited to the blue pencil.They have to draw the corner of his eye and a pencil to shade the lower and upper edge of the eyelashes.

shadows lighter shade should be imposed on the inner corner of the eye and shade.

Internally eyelid Draw a white pencil for expressive look.

undulating, flowing movements, apply mascara.


At the hairline, apply a brown pencil and smudge brush for eyebrows.


When daylight is better to apply lip gloss.

Powder Makeup completes applying loose powder.

How to turn day into night makeup

total with a few strokes can be converted to a daily make-up in the evening.

  • To do this, add a bright beautiful color on the eye.Best suited golden shade.
  • dark pencil to emphasize the lower lash line from the outer edge to the inner eye.
  • For evening make-up with the help of lipstick can make your lips more brightly.

What to Wear on March 8, 2014

decor and festive dress form in the first place depends on the type of figure.

  • toned and slender woman profitable demonstrate the beauty of shapes in dresses model case.
  • hide protruding belly can be in dresses with straight or tapered silhouette with a high waist.clothes also fit in the Greek style.

Sin, if a girl does not look so beautiful, than it could be.Beauty - it's daily work.Let us fascinating every day, not only 8 March.