Massage from wrinkles

Before the massage, you need to wash your hands well and a little smear of cream.Massage begins with stroking.First massage the creases that run from the corners of the mouth to the nostrils.Open your mouth so that the lips took the form of letter "O" and gently smooth the skin with your fingers, making the rounds in the direction of the lip to the nose.Then do the same circular motion from the outside of the cheek near the top of the cheekbone to the ear can do rakovin.Zatem forehead.Move the ends of the fingers from the middle of the forehead to the hairline and up to the temples, finish the movement, pressing with your fingers easily.

Massage around the eyes requires special care because the skin and subcutaneous tissue at this point the most subtle.A circular motion from the outside to the inside of the skin stroking his index and middle fingers.The mouth should be open and to keep in shape all the same letter "o".Then the skin tightens, deprived of mobility and less likely it becomes stretched.

Finally, came the turn of the chin.Put a chin on his thumbs, light pressure, do some stroking movements from the middle of the chin to the ears.Those with a double chin, do not have to massage it very intensively.The fat layer, which is already available, after a while, of course, will disappear, but the stretched skin is ugly folds to hang around his neck.

"facial massage gives good results only if it is done regularly. The best 5 minutes, but every day than half an hour, but 1 time per week."

Massage has a great effect on very sensitive skin with light tapping.Using your fingertips, lightly tapping on the skin of the face, until it turns red.

Begin the massage from the chin, then the cheeks to the temples.Then massage the forehead, from the temples to the middle of the nose.The skin around the eyes should be very easy to tap enough that it barely noticeably vibrate.Vibration massage prevents premature appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.

For fleshy and swollen individuals very well apply strong pressure.

important to note that in case of skin inflammation (eg, sunburns or purulent acne) face massage is contraindicated.