Double chin.How to achieve a beautiful jawline

Look at old paintings: What a beautiful jawline among women, it does not matter, they belong to any caste!

To have a beautiful shape of the chin, it is useful to massage each morning with a towel.To do this in a glass of water, add half a teaspoon of vinegar and soak a towel in this solution.Then press it to move the chin and strong pull with both hands.Mid towels should hit you on the chin.Repeat this several times.Instead of vinegar in the water, you can add salt, alcohol or lemon juice: a glass of water - 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of alcohol or 1 tablespoon of juice.

Honey massage can be done every other day for 20 days.This massage not only tightens, but nourishes and moisturizes the skin.Take a little honey on your fingers and massage the chin to redness, and then wash with warm water.

A double chin is useful to tie it for a couple of hours with an elastic bandage, pre inflicting on the skin cream.

When you double-chin, you can not do without a special complex exercise that is performe

d daily.

Before the start of classes, wipe the skin with lotion, then rinse with cool water, slightly dry and apply any nourishing cream.

complex exercises for double chin

- Sit cross-legged.Abut chin on clasped hands.Elbows keep parallel to the floor.Overcoming resistance hands, tilt your head forward to resist the hand.

- Sit down at the table, hands bend in the elbows and move under the chin.Crush chin on his hands and arms - on the chin, at the same time trying to promote the chin forward.Then relax and lower your arms.

- Lower the head freely in the chest.A circular motion to the left and lift it back to its original position.Do the same, but in the opposite direction.You can describe a full circle head.

- Starting position is the same.Zaprokinte head back, as much as possible pulling the neck, then return to starting position.Zaprokinte head back, mouth slightly open.Straining the muscles of the chin, with a force somknite jaw so that the lower lip covered the top.Stand up, put your hands on his shoulders.Counting to ten, pull the neck as high as possible.Make sure that the shoulder is not going up.

- Lower the corners of the mouth, making a contemptuous grimace and strain the neck muscles.Then relax.

- Straining the neck muscles and articulating vigorously, making noises "about", "y", "i", "a", "s".

- Hold a pencil in his mouth, chin slightly pulling forward.Now the "write" in the air circles and figures.

- Take a breath, pushing his tongue into the lower front teeth.

- Tuck the tip of the tongue to the root.

- Zaprokinte head, strong jaw dropping.

- Tilt your head forward slightly open mouth and tongue relax.Now shake your head.