Holiday makeup for March 8 : Tips stylists

March 8 you just have to look stunning!It does not matter: if you are waiting for a quiet dinner at home or a fun party, a bachelorette party.In celebration of spring and female beauty should be paid to their appearance the most attention.And your makeup should not be an exception.By the way, a holiday to the 8 th March makeup does not necessarily make the cabin.A little knowledge and patience will help you to make your image truly spectacular!

¬ęBattle arsenal" of this fashionista

First, check whether you have everything you need for the holiday makeup.A true fashionista in the beautician should be:

  • - foundation or powder;
  • - masking agent;
  • - blush;
  • - mascara (black or colored);
  • - eyeliner or eye pencil;
  • - bright shiny shade;
  • - lipstick and lip gloss.

eyes or lips?

The make-up is very important to set the right accents.Decide what you want to emphasize the soft sensual lips and expressive eyes?In addition, a holiday to the 8 th March makeup should certainly in harmony with the dress.If y

ou plan to hit the surrounding delightful bright dress, makeup is best to exercise restraint, and vice versa.

Stressing the eye, give preference in smoky shades of brown or gray-blue color scheme.The first option is more suitable for girls "warm" type of appearance, and the second - for the "cold" ladies.You can also decorate your eyes sparkles, sequins or flowers.This makeup will be appropriate in a nightclub or disco.

If you decide to highlight lips, choose red, carrot, pink or purple lipstick.Be sure to emphasize the rich color brilliance and contour of the lips, move the pencil, which color should be a little darker than the main tone.

technology application festive makeup

Before applying make-up, it is desirable to make a hydrating mask for the face.Thanks to this procedure, the skin will get blooming and festive to 8 th March makeup will last longer and look much smarter.The very same technology applying makeup can be divided into the following stages:

1. Mask corrector circles under the eyes and small blemishes on the skin.

2. Apply to face the appropriate foundation.It is advisable to use two colors: lighter on the chin, nose, center, above the cheekbones and under the eyes, and the dark - above the eyebrows, hairline and on the cheeks.

3. Secure the result a thin layer of loose powder to remove excess shine.

4. Comb the brows and underline their path with a sharp pencil.Its tone should be slightly darker than the natural hair color.

5. Eye shadow should be in harmony with the color of hair, eyes and clothing.For a festive make-up would be appropriate pearlescent shade or bright colors with glitter.

6. The internal corners of the eyes and the area under the brow tint lighter color.

7. If you want to emphasize your eyes arrows, remember that their ends are to "look" at the ends of the eyebrows.Moreover, in a festive make-up appropriate arrow longer than usual.

8. Apply mascara on the lashes.It is possible to give preference to the usual black or brown mascara, and you can select the ink bright saturated colors.

9. Finally, emphasize the right lipstick shade.

If you do it right, you will certainly give her the image of originality and charm.Do not be afraid to try something new, and then your festive to 8 th March makeup is sure to be irresistible!