Massage the scalp to improve hair growth

hair growth improves scalp massage.The purpose of this procedure is to improve blood circulation in the scalp.Properly conducted massage weakens the strain, especially in the field of zatylka.V This chapter provides some guidelines for those who will independently produce a head massage.

Self-massage is desirable to be carried out after every hair wash, as well as in free time.Start massage should be when the hair is well dry, but not dried completely.Before the massage, scalp massage, it is desirable to hold the skin of the forehead, temples and behind the ear.

So, to start within 2-3 minutes produces circular, then stroking movements.Put all ten fingers on the scalp so that the thumbs were at the temples, and the rest was covered head.Using your fingertips, you are making a circular motion, but it is very important that the pressure at the same time it was barely noticeable.Once you have done this movement 10-15 times, then systematically adjust the massage portion, so that within 4-5 minutes of mas

sage all areas of the head covered.

Massage the front of the head start with the so-called pushing, shifting movements (if you straightens her hair).The pressure produced by the hands need to be strengthened somewhat, and then how to move the scalp on both sides toward the middle line.Repeat this movement about 10 times, then move your hands a little closer and repeat the massage.

worked thus all the skin of the head, in the conclusion of the procedure are stamped on it a sort of drumming, acting fingers of both hands.

Massage the scalp is made at a slow pace, rhythmically.Movements should be soft and soothing.Fingers against your skin over its entire surface, although massage is done directly only fingertips.The direction of movement of the arms during a massage should match the direction of hair growth, as well as areas of lymph and excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands, that is, from top to bottom and radially in all directions.

procedure that you spend themselves, will begin shortly bring you joy and you will feel how it improves circulation.And, most importantly, you will know first hand how much it means head massage to maintain the hair in a healthy condition and the formation of new hair young