Massage feet and legs

Massage feet and legs is an integral part of the pedicure.This operation in no case should not be neglected.the feet are directly related to many organs and functional systems of the body.Like the plinth huge structures foot perceive the whole weight of our body, keeping it in balance.Warp, a chronic fatigue stop doing heavy gait, posture spoil.

Excessive fullness also adversely affects the health of feet.The consequence of certain disorders of the endocrine glands may be stretching the muscle ligaments, leading to foot deformity.Status feet also worsen dislocations, sprains, fractures.They are able to make your feet fragile and vulnerable.But the greatest danger is poorly chosen shoes.

All of these factors may be to some extent offset by the regular care of the feet and legs, and above all a pedicure and massage.

Massage is useful to do every day, if possible - in the morning and evening.Depending on the method used, stimulating or relaxing, it helps you to mobilize all their resources, or, converse

ly, to relax, remove the accumulated fatigue of the day, and swelling.

Massage, feet and legs consists of stroking, of friction and kneading movements.Any massage - it is, in principle, an improvisation, but in any case it is subject to a certain scheme.

We offer the following variant.

1. Before starting the procedure lubricate the feet and legs with lotion, foot cream or talcum powder.

2. Make the stroking of feet and legs front and back surface of the hands in the direction of the toes to the knee joint (3-4).

3. Grasping foot from the bottom so that the thumbs were on the top surface of the foot, the foot massage them upwards in a circular motion, moving from the ankle to the tips of his fingers.

4. This movement is done in the opposite direction.Repeat it 3 times, going through all the fingers.

5. Keep the heel of his left hand, right at the same time make a circular rotation of each finger.

6. Make stroking each finger by 3-1 times.

7. Each finger rub the first and second fingers of one hand.

8. Massage the sole circular motion thumbs, moving from the heel to the toes.

"The greatest danger for the feet is poorly chosen shoes."

9. Take the leg above the ankle with your right hand and rotate the left foot.

10. foot and leg rub one or two palms up (3-4).

11. Make in the same way from the bottom up movement kneading the second, third and fourth fingers of the hand, keeping your fingers away from the skin.

12. Complete massage stroking movements.

13. In the same sequence make a foot massage right leg.

good firming possess stop rubbing glove or horsehair canvas soaked in alcohol.

If you have too soft soles of the feet and therefore it hurts to walk barefoot on the rocky beach, making them more resistant in the following way: for some time to perform daily massage, completing his energetic rubbing alcohol or cologne.At this time it is not recommended to do a warm foot baths that soften the tissue and treating the feet with a pumice stone.