Makeup for brown eyes blondes

What men see blondes?Blond hair and blue or gray eyes.Meanwhile, there is a girl, a woman with blonde hair and brown eyes, although this is rare.And it is sometimes difficult to find the ideal makeup for brown eyes for blondes - make up for brown eyes may simply not be combined with blond hair.Therefore, our article is for such women, so that they can captivate a mere glance, a wave of eyelashes.

Although brown eyes natural blondes are rare, you can always repaint the hair.And then, this rare event will be yours.Lighten your hair or if they have the nature of these, you risk to make brown eyes lighter and less bright.And then the attention will be focused anywhere, but not to your eyes.To avoid this from happening, is to provide a "mirror of the soul", using mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner.

worth sharing an evening make-up and business.The first should be catchy and noticeable, and the second - a subtle and emphasizes the eyes, not the hair.

Evening make-up for brown eyes

For informal occasions, yo

u can choose smoky makeup, or in other words, the effect of smoky eyes.

  1. Let's start with the basics.With the equalizer, a suitable foundation and powder align the structure and color of the skin, hide flaws, we do face a fresh and radiant.
  2. eyebrows natural blondes are often too bright.Therefore, slightly embellish them, giving a perfect shape.
  3. For upper eyelid choose pastel range of shades.However, they should not be a pearl (eyes will look puffy) and too light (tired view we do not need).
  4. eyeliner at the outer edge of eyelashes eyeliner or pencil.Makeup for brown eyes for blondes has its limitations.For example, you can not use a brown eyeliner or pencil, otherwise the eyes will seem inflamed.So you should choose instead of a brown black color.The line should be thin at the inner eye and gradually thicken to its outer corner.
  5. lower lash line too stained.Here are the options - line is the outer corner of the eye to the inside, if the eyes are small, not reaching him.The resulting line is shaded sponzhikom or cotton swab.
  6. applied to the upper eyelid shade, mixing three shades in one color.At the inner corner of the eye using a lighter shade, gradually turning to a more saturated at the outer corner of eye.Border carefully shaded.
  7. to the area under the eyebrows take the most light, almost white shade.They give the look of depth and mystery.
  8. Add a little shine to the image.Here you can take a pearlescent shade and apply them to the inner corner of the eye and under the brow line.
  9. looks like a wide and soft brush crumbled shadows with a cotton swab or sponge remove improperly deposited lines under the eyes.Paint the lashes in black ink, gives volume and lengthens lashes.

perfect makeup ready.Remember, if you have focused on the eyes, lipstick, choose not bright and pastel shades.

Day or business makeup for zlatovlasok with brown eyes

If you look at Hollywood stars, you will find that their daily make-up is almost imperceptible.That is, it is, but it is done so professionally that it feels - it looks so natural beauty.Learn how to make discreet make-up is not really as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

You can not use a shade for daytime makeup for blondes or take a range of bright colors beige.

  1. superimposed on the face of the foundation and powder.
  2. eyebrows if they are bright paint on to make them more visible.
  3. On the upper eyelid with a thin layer impose lighter shade, combined with the color of hair.
  4. Then crease between the mobile and the fixed upper eyelid plot the shade of color of chocolate and shade to the outer corner of the eye.
  5. To field by rolling century folds down and choose a lighter shade of shadows.They also put on the lower eyelid near the inner corner of the eye.Do not forget to shade that clean clear transition border.
  6. eyeliner or shadow draw a line along the lashes.At the top - from the inner corner to the outer, bottom - from the outer corner to the middle of the eye.We attach almond-shaped eyes.For daytime make up do not take a black eyeliner - makeup will look unnatural and difficult.Prefer dark brown or gray eyeliner or pencil.
  7. smacks excess shadow and eyelashes tinted brown ink.It is necessary to choose lengthening mascara.A bulking leave for the evening.

can do at all without shadows.You only eyeliner and mascara or a mascara, if you have dark eyebrows and expressive eyes.

color scheme for the brown-eyed blondes

For blondes with brown eyes, there are certain taboos in makeup.

  • blonde with brown eyes suit light beige and pale-brown gamma.
  • For daytime makeup choose brown or gray mascara and eyeliner for evening - black pencil or liquid eyeliner and mascara, increasing the volume.
  • Colours of shadows depends on the eye colors: violet, brown, purple, gray, blue.
  • If the facial skin is bright, the purple suit, light blue, dark pink or purple shades of shadows.
  • Combined with dark skin will look good olive, sand, green, bronze and brown shadows.
  • Day, do not use bright colors of shadows, even if they suit you.You do not want to shock others.It is better to bestow their fascinating look at night when you just can experiment with fashion.
  • advantageous to look brown eye makeup for blondes in retro style.No shadows, but there is an arrow-rich black.In this case, the lip can be painted a bright lipstick.

Experiment with colors and shades.A little practice and create a perfect make-up for you is not difficult.