makeup rules .Makeup aging face

gradual loss of elasticity of the skin, occurring as a result of the collapse of collagen can especially upset watching a women.But there are also positive aspects that we get older: age gives the face an intriguing mix of tranquility and experience that is beautiful any blush.

But the biggest advantage is the confidence and the knowledge of what colors you really are.However, there is a catch: the accumulated knowledge is not always conducive to flexibility in the use of cosmetics.As soon as the age your face changes shape, color and texture of the skin, should be changed, and you use cosmetics.Makeup by nature transitory.

both young and aging women should experiment with colors and use different techniques of makeup.You do not have youth, and strive to look their best.A good view is not something taken for granted.Careful and regular moisturizing of the skin giving it softness and shine, and it is never too late to start doing.

"From hair color depends on the choice of shades of make-up."

Due to the inevitable wrinkles and bags on your face when choosing cosmetics need to be aware of their structure and composition.Always use a moisturizer: liquid powder, lipstick and even the paint for the eye is recommended to put on a moisturizing cream or lotion.Skillfully using light and shadow, you can hide imperfections, but more important to learn how to use standard cosmetics properly.When changing glasses or hand shake you will be especially useful tips on the use of cosmetics.You can get professional advice in a beauty salon, it will inspire you and will point to new approaches to solve your problems.

makeup colors have to be correctly matched.The sharp tone suppress aging skin and draw attention to wrinkles and bags.Selection of make-up must match the change in hair color and skin.For example, a pale gray hair, and in this case, the blush will help you regain the former complexion.If the skin of the face became red, then under normal basis apply a little greenish tone.The first wrinkles appear around the eyes, so avoid here too bright makeup, because it would attract the attention.Enjoy a skillful and subtle makeup.Your dignity unchanged: if the eyes were always big and beautiful, continue to emphasize this.Do not stop to enjoy and take an interest in good cosmetics.Be sure to use it to highlight the best of what you have.

Cosmetics will help you fix appearing with age any irregularities texture and color.Preference should be given to the beige and peach tones, but not pink.First of all, generously apply a moisturizing cream or lotion.Then, carefully, in two parts, apply a base under make-up, first of all the person, and then to the places that need further attention.Good rub it, then powder the face powder.

Skin fade with age.Do not attempt to correct the position of an excessive amount of makeup.It is better to refresh the skin blush.Avoid complicated contour color and lighting effects that will look unnatural on the wrinkled skin.Concentrate your attention on improving the complexion and return him healthy appearance.You can hide defects such as flasks burst, age spots and so. N. Violation of the jaw line can be corrected, subtly shaded with her, but it requires a lot of skill.

"As soon as the age your face changes shape, color and texture of the skin, should be changed, and you use cosmetics."

get rid of dark circles under the eyes can be by applying a thick light-colored bases.Then use the powder.

Similarly, you can mask the wrinkles and folds - highlights, they will be less noticeable.

If you have gray hair ...

From hair color depends on the choice of make-up shades.The woman is not easy to adapt to the new color when it begins to turn gray.Use a soft, clean, paint - Avoid eccentric combination of colors, get used to the fact that the use of a lighter tone, when they begin to turn gray or dark auburn hair.

Lipstick revitalizes aging face.The natural lip line is less clear, and it is necessary to correct a contour pencil, which will not give lipstick raspolztis around the mouth wrinkles.

Grim and powder will help you hide the fine lines in the lips.If the lines are too visible, do not use the outline with a pencil, but rather put on a little lip gloss.The color of lipstick should be chosen carefully: pale colors may look blurry, dark - age.You perfectly suited bright pink and coral tones.

eyebrows are thinning with age.Make sure that they are in good shape, remove excess hair, while aiming to ensure that the eyebrows are very thin.If necessary, you can paint on their special natural color pencil.

If your skin is not too dark, avoid the black and dark brown tones.Very showy reddish-brown eyebrows on his pale face.You can choose the right shade among the lip liner.

Framed eye lashes are very important.Apply them with a thin layer of natural shade mascara, then comb them, separating from each other, stiff brush.Try to pick the false eyelashes of the same color as your own, then align them.Ideally, of course, use the individual cilia in those places where the lack of natural.If the eyelashes turning gray, you can touch up in the barber shop.

For centuries, this mobile, with the least amount of fat and supports muscles of the face, most likely wrinkles.Do not use bold shades, which are easily smeared and contour and shiny - they attract attention to your wrinkles.

Be careful with bright colors.It is necessary to apply a thin layer of either dry shadows or pastels and then powder.Very easy to use eyeliner and up eyes look brighter and more expressive.If you have gray hair, you will silver-green shade or aqua.In this case, your eyes will look especially impressive for glasses.