Self-massage the face

usefulness of massage can not be overestimated, but do not always have the opportunity to find a massage therapist or go to the beauty parlor.But we want to keep a person in good condition, as far as possible to delay skin aging.Meet these objectives, the so-called self-massage - a publicly available tool to save face pleasant, fresh and youthful.

Preparing for self-massage is simple: it is enough network in a comfortable position, release the neck collar unbuttoned, clean the skin and relax the muscles.

During the massage the person should use mainly one reception - tapping.It improves blood circulation in the skin and has a reflex action.tapping technique is simple: meet the four serried straightened fingers of both hands at the same time produce tapotement skin.Right-handed Tapping the right side of his face, the left - the left.

under his eyes tapotement make pads of the third, fourth and fifth toes, but not all at once, and each in turn.Thus, finger strokes followed quickly one after another.

submandibular area is recommended to massage pat the back of the fingers.Patting start with the left hand from right to left, then his right hand from left to right, repeating this motion several times.

Double chin is very user-friendly pat with a towel or tissue, for which a towel moistened with water, wring out and folded in half.Then, taking a towel at the ends, then pull, then relax it, touching the chin.Repeated pulling towels and subsequent relaxation of its produce effleurage on the chin, which has a more profound effect than effleurage fingers.

This massage should be done regularly face.If tapotement underperforms, it is recommended to add some more stroking movements.

1. Stroking his forehead.The end of three or four fingers stroking his forehead in the direction from the eyebrows to the scalp, his right hand stroking the right half of the forehead, the left - the left.

2. Stroking the upper part of the cheeks.The end of two or three fingers produce light stroking in the direction of the back of the nose to the temporal areas.

3. Stroking the middle of the cheeks.Stroking the palm surface is made of two or three fingers from the middle of the upper lip to ushnomu hole.

4. Stroking the bottom of the cheeks and chin.Stroking this part of the person is carried out in two ways: the palm and the back surfaces of the fingers.Palmar surface of the fingers is easy to stroke from the middle of the chin to the ear lobe back surface of the four fingers of both hands stroke from the middle of the chin, beneath and to the sides - towards the ears.

Facial massage is desirable prodelyvat daily or, at most, a day.Methods of self-massage is simple, easy to use, accessible and does not require time-consuming.Although not a substitute for self-massage massage completely, but it will allow you to improve the condition of the skin, smooth wrinkles and look fresh and youthful.

Do not forget to clean the facial massage the skin, use creams suitable to your skin type.