makeup rules .The most frequently asked questions on makeup

Makeup - this is certainly an art.Arts, consisting in the fact that the invisible way to emphasize the beauty of women and preserving the unique look, make it more beautiful in their own eyes and in the eyes okruzhayuschih.Otvetim to the most frequently asked questions on makeup.

Should consistently use tone corrector and how to do it?

You should have two types of powder: loose and compact.Generally loose powder applied in the morning and enjoy the compact when the touch up makeup throughout the day.However, it is important to take into account the skin type.It is recommended to use compact powder for oily skin in the morning to make longer held.Powder thus should not change the basics of color.

"In some cases, preference should be given loose powder, in which -? Compact and how to choose the color"

Yes, concealer improves the skin's appearance, making it smoother and more radiant.Usually quite small "beads" to provide light and hide flaws.If you put it on the eyelids, and then the powder, they will

be very natural look.You can shade his halo around the eyes to mask circles under them.

How to hide too chubby cheeks?

To look more sunken cheeks, use a foundation darker shade.Blush shade in the direction of the nose, putting them beyond the "perfect oval."

And if you have hollow cheeks and narrow face?

Apply a pink blush on the top of the cheekbones, without touching the middle of the cheeks.To give the face a more lively appearance, you can use blush saturated, sun shade.

What to do when the face turns pale with fatigue?

When dull, lacking luster skin tone corrector is needed, which will return to her normal appearance.Blush should be pink Armillaria and concealer slightly lighter skin.But most importantly - aim to ease and not to overdo the makeup.To revive the person, give it a shine, apply a little bit of pink shades, as the blend of his finger on the central part of the wings and nose.Then add another for spots on the forehead and chin and blend well - they will "pull light".To revitalize the complexion, use blush.It plays an important role and mascara, but do not apply it on lower lashes: it will weight a look and give the person the gloom.

"whether to save the distinction:" blush for blondes "-" blush for brunettes ยป"

As brunettes and blondes can apply to different colors, depending on the season, clothing, complexion.The only condition that will help avoid mistakes - to remain within the same range.

If you have wrinkles on the eyelids, whether it is necessary to apply makeup?

Yes, if the shade - matt.This is another advantage of the shadow matte, they are less stress wrinkles.These shadows are well shaded and well lie.

"What to do if you have darkened eyelids, and this effect is enhanced by the end of the day, giving your eyes a tired look, and are not corrected by light shadows?"

Interestingly, this lack of light can turn into dignity.Sometimes the color of a century is a natural makeup.Do not go beyond the dark range, using, for example, shades of dark green tone.If the eyelids are too dark, apply over the entire surface tone corrector, then align with the help of a light beige tone cream and, finally, apply some eye shadow.You'll get beautiful and natural make-up.

should I choose matte eyeshadow?

Makeup artists have always preferred not pearl, and matte shadows for centuries.Besides matte shade better lie down and look good, regardless of lighting.

What to do if you have deep-set eyes?

Pick bright colors of shadows, visually lengthen the eye towards the outer corners, but not tracing them along the contour pencil (it is visually reduce them).Before we cover the eyelashes mascara, powder the them so they seemed thicker.

If bulging eyes?

can give them depth with darker makeup.Move the eye pencil along the border, the entire surface of the eyelids, apply a darker shade, gradually reducing the intensity.Thoroughly blend.You can also set off the eye pencil along the boundary of the lower lashes.

How to use eyeliner?

Use it as a basis for drawing.Remember how a pencil artists work: first throw circuits, then add color.The make-up applied the same principle.

How to ensure that the contour of the lips and lipstick if not longer possible to grease?

Firstly, by using a good lip pencil, draw outline, then fill in the lip surface of the same pencil.Above apply lipstick, then exfoliate paper napkin and "bite down" her lips.A thin layer of paper will absorb the excess.

A kayalom?

It is applied on the inside of the lower lid, but do not forget that if you use a mild, buttery, and therefore, a bit greasy pencil that can "leak", it should not be used around the eyes.

As discreetly adjust the shape of the eyebrows?

eyebrow pencil, apply small touches on top, add the dark shadows, blend well.This technique allows you to extend eyebrow.

What if you left out the corners of the lips?

fix their shape with the contour pencil, without following exactly the pattern of the lips and never reach most corners.

If the lips are too thin?

Circle them in red outline with a pencil is not too dark colors - dark colors visually reduce the volume.Choose a lipstick spectacular, for example, bright red color, in the middle of the lips, add a little shine.

"If the lips are surrounded by many small folds, you can do anything, not to numb lipstick? In them"

Yes, you can.To begin suggested to use a cream for the face only at night, but not in the morning, because of a contact with another fatty substance will flow into lipstick.If you have oily skin, it is recommended in the morning wipe the skin around the lips lotion.Tone Cream should be applied carefully so as not too thick a layer formed around the mouth.The skin around the lips need to powder, then cut around the lip contour pencil and paint the outline completely brown pencil.Above apply lipstick and "bite" mouth piece of paper towel.