Bath broom massage and bath treatments

massage Bath broom - very useful for health and beauty treatment.Tak.Massiruemy done it should take a position lying on his stomach with arms at your sides with your hands or if you do not allow steam conditions, the sitting position.Massira takes in each hand broom and starts the massage industry.


Stroking should start from the feet, gradually moving to the head, hands grasping at the same time - from the hands to the shoulders.The reception can be carried out in the direction from the head to the feet, brooms in this case Tapping side surface of the body.All traffic should be repeated 3-4 times, duration - 10 minutes.At high temperature steam brooms movement should be slow at low - faster.


brooms movement should start from the back and finish on the feet.Light strikes produced in all directions.Duration of reception - less than 1 minute.After postegivaniya have to go back to reception strokes.Run must be at a faster pace than ever before.

Pohlestyvaniya together with broo

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This technique is essential.Its implementation should start from the back.Broom should be lifted slightly, and then do 2-3 pohlestyvaniya back.In the next step you need to lift the broom again and put the top, the "hot" side of the newly promassirovat areas and press for 2-3 seconds hand.The same should be done on the lower back and legs.


After pohlestyvaniya and stroking both the broom should be put on the lower back, spreading them apart in the direction of the head and the feet.Admission should be repeated 4-5 times, and then kneaded lies on his back, and the same technique is performed on the front surface of the body.


Broom taken in the left hand and placed on the surface of the body massaged.Deciduous part broom lightly pressed down palm of the free hand and then begins rubbing reception performance.The movements must be circular.First pounded the back, then move the broom on the lower back and hips.Admission is also repeated on the chest, arms and legs.If the air temperature in the steam room is not very high, its effect on the body should increase.For this accelerated movement of the broom on the body.At the end of the broom is lifted upward movement.Each entry in the steam room the whole complex is repeated.Each time re-massage reduced.At the end of the procedure it is recommended to soak for 30-60 seconds, then without sudden movements to stand up.

sequence of massage action.

- promassirovat legs, you can proceed to massage the abdomen and chest.Broom has to move from the hips to the abdomen, then his chest and sides.It is necessary to make the movement of 5-7, and then change their direction in the horizontal (4-5 movements).Then, a hand massage.Massaged the hand is necessary to lift and carry a broom 4-6 movements from wrist to shoulder.

- Massage the back and neck can be in a sitting position or lying on one side, using the technique of stroking.During the second call in a steam room must massage the individual parts of the body, such as the lumbar region, and so on. N. The massage time should be reduced to 4-6 minutes.

- Reception postegivaniya performed in the same sequence as the of the body, which are in great physical stress or cause pain, massage should be more careful.