Makeup for brown eyes Photo step by step

If you are the owner of a beautiful brown eyes, then you are lucky enough.Even without making a noticeable how makeup can look perfect, bright and spectacular.And what happens if you still do makeup for brown eyes, step by step photos that we show?You will generate a furor his appearance, no matter where it was.

And what you have in the purse?

enough to have eyeliner, use it, and you've already made up.But it is useful to put in a purse shadows and mascara.

choose black eyeliner.It will be able to emphasize the depth of the eye, make eyes languid and velvety.

choosing eye shadow, prefer brown and olive shades, and if you besides black hair, and dark blue shades.But use them cautiously - the shade should emphasize the girls eyes with porcelain, delicate skin fit the shade cool colors: turquoise, fuchsia, bright blue.The only colors that will look bad - it's orange and brick.They simply Score eye color - and it would not be desirable.

Regarding the carcasses, it is better to use brown mascara, espe

cially if you're blonde.A brunette can afford and black mascara.Apply it carefully to avoid lumps stuck together lashes.Instead of ink, increasing the volume, take longer.So makeup will be more natural.

Options makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes may be natural or catchy, day and evening, aristocratic and seductive.All depends on the choice of the palette colors and combinations of shades together.

makeup in oriental style

Incredibly beautiful and elegant look Arabic or Oriental makeup for brown eyes.Photo step by step for you to principle was more understandable.

What you need:

  • black eyeliner;
  • pearlescent or glitter shadows.Colours: brown, yellow, red, blue, green, blue, turquoise.Selecting the color depends on the reason for which, in fact, you are doing make-up, and time of day;
  • mascara.

Preparation: Apply the tone for the entire face.Select it to shade or two darker than the usual use.In oriental beauties skin is a little darker than Slavic.

  • first step in making your eyes like a cat stretched.Apply eyeliner on top of a thick line along the lower eyelid is very thin.Slightly raise a corner fittings and connect them.
  • bright shade of shadow pearlescent we put under the brow and in the inner corner of the eye.To do this, use a small brush to coat was thin shadows.
  • Using two or three shades from light to dark to put the shade on the upper eyelid moving.At the outer corner - darker at the inner - lighter.Carefully shaded border transition from one color to another.
  • along arrows that we spent eyeliner, too, use a darker shade of shadow.eye shape will almond.
  • between fixed and moving age can cause a contrasting shade, for example, fuchsia or turquoise.
  • Flat beveled brush shade shade on the lower eyelid from the outer corner to the center.
  • We finish the beauty of ink.The upper eyelashes can be to paint in several layers and comb lashes stuck together.At lower eyelashes may be applied only one carcass layer.

If you have thick eyebrows correct form, just comb their brush.Otherwise, use an eyebrow pencil to enhance the line color and the correct form.

Make up ready for the oriental beauty.

Draw arrows

As we mentioned above, kareglazok enough even one liner.Draw a nice, neat arrow and you're irresistible.

  • A little above the upper lash line growth from the middle of the eye and holding a thin line, making an acute angle, combine it with the outer corners of eyes.
  • Now combine a continuous line the inner corner of the eye with an already-drawn line.We direct line more clearly.
  • Using the same eyeliner or eye pencil, paint the lid between the line and the line liner cilia growth.
  • I can stop there, and can be carried out and eyeliner along the lower eyelid eyelashes at the most from the outside corner of the eye to the inner, gradually come to naught.

This makeup will look appropriate as a business and luxury as the evening.In the evening, you can attach a few sparkles on the temples.

natural makeup for brown eyes

This makeup does not look defiant and naturally.He makes eye expressive and soulful eyes.

Before make-up, align familiar to you means complexion.

  • applied to the upper eyelid matte shadow or powder of natural color - beige, sand.
  • fine brush to paint over the mobile eyelid light shadows.
  • eyeliner draws the line between the fixed and the mobile age.
  • On the upper eyelid impose golden shade (or what you like).
  • Now you can draw eyeliner along the upper lash line and connect it to the already previously drawn line.We attach almond-shaped eyes.
  • eyeliner and a fine brush Shielding his eyes, shading the shade under the lower lash line growth.
  • Apply mascara.For the daytime, take lengthening mascara.

la Voie, a daily or office make-up ready.

For evening makeup, you can use all of the above tips, but other shades and combinations.Spend a little more time to yourself to look luxurious, but not vulgar.Although, if you set yourself such purpose - all in your hands.