Self-massage of the neck

self-massage of the neck can be carried out in the morning: after washing put on the skin of the neck of any nourishing cream, then tap on it a folded linen or towel that has been soaked in salt water.

When self-massage of the neck can be used is not very stiff brush.Movements have to be careful, because you can not hurt the thyroid gland.

technique of self-massage of the neck

neck skin pre-clean and warm, then apply any nourishing cream, producing stroking massage movements from the bottom up, it is easy and gently moving his hands towards the chin.Do not pull out and remove the skin at the same time.First, put your fingers on the palmar surface of the upper part of the neck and stroking movements to perform one or the other hand, moving from the right ear to the left and vice versa.Then perform Tapping the upper neck and the back surface of the four straightened fingers of both hands.

Effleurage should be carried out not too vigorously, so as not to cause pain.If done correctly, the reception the

re is only a slight reddening of the skin of the neck.Effleurage reduces body fat.

is followed to perform rubbing neck skin.The palms of both hands with straight fingers put on the neck and make a counter-movement, reminiscent of the cutting process.Rub the skin needs to be in parallel but opposite directions.Thus it is necessary to massage the right side of the neck at the angle of the lower jaw, then the middle, the left side of the neck and over the middle.Finish the massage by stroking her neck.

To increase the effectiveness of self-massage of the neck should be carried out after its warming treatments - hot wet compress, compress or warm oil compress of warm mashed potatoes.Particularly useful are hot compresses from broth of herbs: chamomile, sage, plantain, yarrow.

neck skin to stay longer supple, elastic, you can use ice massage.To do this, take the pieces of ice and massage the skin with circular movements in the direction of skin lines.Performing ice massage for the first time, the pieces of ice to wrap a linen napkin.Ice massage should be performed very carefully, not to affect the thyroid gland.After the massage the skin with ice should be rubbed with lotion and apply cream on it.Self-massage can also be combined with contrasting compresses.