Chemical compounds consisting of cosmetic preparations

Cocoa butter

solid vegetable oil, squeezed from the seeds of cocoa.The solid mass of white or yellowish color with a characteristic odor.Slightly soluble in alcohol and good - in fats.It has a softening effect on the epidermis.It is used in some solid solutions and in emulsion cosmetics.

Oil alcohol

liquid of white or yellowish color, in its pure form is odorless, it does not dissolve in water, partially soluble in alcohol, mixed with fat.Softens and impregnates the fat epidermis.It is used as a valuable element in the composition of cosmetic products for skin care (emulsions and solutions).The period of application of the oil alcohol, however, is very limited due to its low stability.Easy subjected to rancidity.


terpene alcohols derived from peppermint essential oil or synthetically.It is readily soluble in alcohol.Skin has a slightly anesthetic effect, causes a sensation of cold.Used liquids after shaving.

Methyl cellulose

White amorphous powder was dissolved, depending on t

he species, in water or alcohol.It creates solutions with high viscosity.It has a stabilizing effect on the M / B emulsion.It used as a thickener and stabilizer solutions emulsion preparations, as well as a binder in cosmetics intended for makeup.

Miristoat isopropyl

colorless liquid, odorless.Dissolved in alcohol and the fats and insoluble in water.Excellent solvent waxes, higher alcohols, aromatic compositions and other cosmetic materials.It accelerates the process of absorption of fatty elements that make up the cosmetic emulsions.Used in almost all types of cosmetic emulsion


White crystalline powder, soluble in alcohol, partially in fats and poorly soluble in water.Bacteriostatic and antifungal activity.Are used as preservatives in the universal concentration of 0.3 -6.5%.

Ozokerite (mineral wax)

The rock group of bitumen, which is a mixture of solid saturated hydrocarbons.The substance is a white or yellow.Soluble in fats and not soluble in water and alcohol.It softens the skin.It used as a part of fatty cream type B / M, and for the production -also ceresin.

Oleic acid

One of the most common naturally occurring fatty acids.Contained in almost all vegetable and animal fats.Colorless or yellowish liquid.It has good softening properties.salts of oleic acid (oleic soap) have excellent cleaning and emulsifying properties.It is used very rarely because of the tendency to rancidity.

paraffin (paraffin, crystalline)

mixture of solid saturated hydrocarbons.Colourless or white, slightly translucent mass of odorless, often with the consistency of crystalline wax.Melting point 50-60 ° C (depending on species).Paraffin wax is not soluble in water and alcohol, dissolved in melted form in fats.The skin is very poorly absorbed, even in the form of an emulsion.Due to a complete lack of irritant and allergic effects wax is widely used in cosmetics for make-up, as well as a factor influencing the consistency of fatty creams / O.