Skin care during dieting

Often fascinated by diet and an overwhelming desire to look as good as possible, we forget about the skin.And if the loss of 2-3 kg can take its toll on your skin, then with a larger weight reduction can be lost firmness and elasticity.This means that starting a diet, you must immediately do the maintenance of the skin tone of the face and body.

Homemade recipes for the maintenance of skin tone often turn out to be less effective than salon treatments.A little perseverance - and a dream to find a beautiful body becomes a reality.Secrets of care quite simple.

- Massage. In the shower, use a washcloth cellulite.With the help of massage the body to a light redness of the skin.Then apply a medicated oil.This can be eucalyptus, lavender or grapefruit oil.All of them are sold in pharmacies.Thoroughly rub the oil into the skin, especially in those places where there is (or may occur) stretching: thigh, chest, abdomen.Do not worry if you feel a slight tingling.This means that the oil has started to operate.T

he first results you will see in a month.And if you do not leave your effort, stretch marks you will not, and the skin becomes smooth and velvety.

- Exercise. Of all the sports most beneficial effect on the body has a swimming.If you do not know or do not want to swim - enjoy a water aerobics with instructor or independently.There are some simple and yet effective exercises.

- Standing on the shoulders in the water, you need to jump in one place.

- The next exercise is to being in the water, making wide foot moves back and forth and left and right.- Hold the ledge with his hands and feet and follow the familiar to all from childhood exercise "scissors".Catching

thus two or three times a week for 30-40 minutes, you can lose up to 3 kg per month and thus cause the skin in order.Pouring cold water - it's not as scary as it may seem.Begin to pour warm water every day, making it all the cooler over time.From these procedures improves blood circulation, increases the tone not only the skin but the whole body.

pouring cold water is very helpful for the chest.The skin and connective tissue become more elastic and retain their shape better.

Water treatments. you go to the bath?And in vain, bath - the best way to say goodbye to excess weight and cellulite without harm to the skin.And aromatic baths can take home.A variety of essential oils that create a happy mood, and clary sage oil, in addition, is also an excellent antidepressant.Its flavor will help you relieve fatigue and stress, significantly enhance the mood.

Wraps. This procedure is also easy to make at home, and the best after a shower, when the skin is clean and the pores open.First treat the body scrub their own cooking.To do this, mix the cream with fine salt or coffee grounds, and massage movements applied to the body.Wash off with warm water.

wraps can be used to therapeutic Dead Sea mud, seaweed (this means you can buy in a drugstore), honey, salt and cinnamon.Apply the composition to problem areas, we impose from above the usual plastic wrap, wrap it.On top you can wear shorts or pants to lose weight and take care of business.After 20-30 minutes (longer is not necessary!) Remove the tape and wash off makeup.Wraps should be done 2 times a week.

most important in personal care - systematic procedures.If you are not too lazy to do it regularly, then soon your skin will give you freshness and elasticity.