Makeup Lessons : Eye Correction .How to make eyes " shining "

eyes may be different in shape, size, position, color and expressiveness.Depending on the size and distinguished almond-shaped, slit-shaped, round, large and small eyes.In addition, the eye distinguish planting: deep-set and protruding, and also depending on the distance between the eyes: close and wide-set.

In addition, there is also a difference in the location of the optic axis.Axis - a notional straight line running through the outer and inner corners of the eyes.The axis can be horizontal, in which case the corners of the eyes are located on the same straight line (classic version), rising - while above the outer corner of the inner (eastern variant), drop-down - below the outer corner of the internal (European version).The ideal shape considered almond-shaped eyes, the distance between the inner corners of the eye which is the length and internal and external corners are on a line.

"Correcting with makeup some form of the eyes, remember that the eye shadow dark shades visually reduce the eye"

Using eye makeup, you can visually change their shape and size.For eyeliner use different colors, thus it is necessary to take into account the color of the skin, hair and eyes.For example, people with dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes is best suitable black or dark brown eyeliner.If you have fair skin, blond hair and blue or light-gray eyes, then you no longer to face brown eyeliner, but not too dark.

adjust the shape of the eye can be a variety of ways depending on the purpose.If you have a round and bulging eyes, it is best to "simulate" their dark matte shadows, causing them to the outer part, "pulling" so the eye to the temple.On the mobile eyelid shade is not applied.In the space under the eyebrow shade light shades superimposed.For eyelashes, use black ink.

With regard to small and deep-set eyes, they can visually enlarge, making it more expressive.To these eyes it is best to use light (pearlescent) shadows.On the eyelashes need to apply a thick layer of ink.Part under the brows should be a little dim, softening matte shadows.

greatest difficulties in women and girls cause the so-called falling eyes.When the correction of the eye should pay attention to the eyebrows.First we need to identify the angle of the eyebrows by removing tweezers its "tail", looking down, and then to finish the missing edge cosmetic pencil.But only now send it up, making a brow "vrazlet".Next on the upper edge of the eyelids is necessary to put the contour from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.The contour must start almost imperceptibly, and end with a fatty intensive feature of 1-2 mm thickness.So you visually raise the lowered outer corners of eyes.For eyelashes, use a thick black mascara.

Some ladies lashes looking down, in which case they should curl tongs.

Tips and tricks makeup artist

corrected with make-up some form of the eyes, remember that the eye shadow dark shades visually reduce the eye, making them more deep-set.But the bright eye shadow, on the contrary, increase the eye, visually "open" them.Most often, women and girls want to achieve the effect of large, expressive eyes.Then you should choose for this purpose the shadow of light shades.But, of course, do not forget that the colors should match your type of appearance.

To make the look soft and dreamy Apply a shade over the liner.If you want to add a dramatic effect to your image, the path is best done over the shadows.

Curled eyelashes are also "open" the eyes, visually increasing their size.If by nature you have straight lashes, use tweezers length of a wave.Applying mascara completes the eye makeup.To give your lashes extra volume use thick mascara with the effect of "fluffy eyelashes."

And remember one rule: if you want to make your eyes look big and expressive, never let them on the inner edge.

Ā«HangingĀ» corners of the eyes can be corrected with the help of shadows.From pencil or liquid eyeliner should be abandoned.Do not strike the eye, especially the lower eyelid.It only accentuate drooping outer corners.Take a shade of dark shades and apply them to the outer corners of the eyes, then carefully blend them towards the temples, t. E. Upwards.This creates a feeling that corners of the eyes are raised up.

Adjust your face using make-up, but the main thing - do not forget that in any case have to comply with the measure.In addition, for the first consultation it is best to turn to a professional makeup artist, and then act according to his instructions.