Varieties of massage of the face ( facial )

Many of us underestimate the facial massage, considering it extremely relaxing procedure.It turns out that it can be used not only to strengthen muscles and tissue, prevent aging and skin aging, but also to avoid plastic surgery.And what kind of massage you know the purpose of lymphatic drainage massage -? Lymph cleansing.The first signs that the lymphatic system needs to be cleansed - swelling and puffiness of the face, morning puffiness around the eyes.With this technique it is recommended to start facials.Lymphatic drainage increases the effects of cosmetic procedures, provides good modeling, lifting and relaxing effect.

Modeling massage used for the correction of facial contours, the control of the second jaw and reduced skin turgor, the correction of facial wrinkles.After the session, there is a feeling of skin tension.It gives a strong effect, if you run right after lymphatic drainage.

Metabolic relaxing massage helps the cells get rid of toxins, improves cellular metabolism process.Perfor

m the massage both hands, first on one side of the face, then on the other.Immediately after the procedure, there is a feeling of lightness.Result after the session is saved 1-3 days.

During hiromassage prominayutsya all the muscles of the face.Massage well corrects the second chin, restores aging skin.Not suitable sensitive skin, because the strong movements cause redness.

chiroplastic massage - a kind of facial modeling.Running on a clear pattern.Good aging skin.It helps to remove excess fluid and toxins, creating a lifting effect.It improves skin condition, reduces the manifestations of rosacea (poor circulation in the skin as a result of which on the face clearly show through the blood vessels).It can serve as an alternative to plastic surgery.

Stone - massage face with hot and cold volcanic stones, precious or semi-precious.Suitable for the most sensitive skin, relieves physical and mental tension, increases vitality.

Japanese facial massage By BBC Until strengthens and tones muscles, tightens the skin, restores elasticity, smoothes wrinkles in the most sensitive areas - the eyelids and the skin around the lips.It eliminates the effects of stress and trauma, deeply hidden in the muscles of the face, head, neck and décolleté.

Myofascial massage - Work on the muscles, starting with the thoracic spine and ending with the scalp.It takes at least 2 hours.Muscle warm up (and outside of the mouth), soft but strong tensile movements that eliminates all adhesions, muscle clamps and inflammatory seals.It has a powerful lifting effect: 85% of the second tightens the chin, 80% smoothing "crow's feet" and nasolabial triangle, completely removes the wrinkles from his forehead.

LPG - is hardware massage .No less effective than the manual.Warns masseur error.Improves skin tone and elasticity, eliminates small wrinkles.And in combination with creams containing collagen, a long delay the appearance of wrinkles.Resorting to this kind of massage is after 25 years.