Face cream, What are they for ?( Cosmetics and perfume )

use creams included in our habit.In the summer, even in the heat, we need them especially to protect from the sun and escape from dehydration.We are waiting for their pleasure and lightning fast results.And in many respects believe.How justified our expectations?Is using the cream, we can prevent some of the signs of aging?

Yes, but I do not think that it's only anti-aging cosmetics.What is very important - it protects the skin from harmful sun rays.And also combine the use of cosmetics with a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, rich in vitamins, proteins and antioxidants, with the restriction of tobacco and alcohol - all of this slows down the aging process.Those who have doubts can compare the skin of our mothers with the skin of our grandmothers, great-grandmothers: two generations ago, signs of age in women have been expressed much more.

Can creams have regenerative properties, that is, really to pay back the clock?The fact that vitamin A and its derivatives slow aging processes caused by, for exa

mple, ultraviolet light.They also stimulate the regeneration of cells, ie skin regeneration.The same applies to fruit acids (AHA).The results of in vitro tests and in vivo studies are encouraging, the case is now in more large-scale studies that can convincingly show how many years can delay the visible manifestations of the age when the use of such funds.

slows aging and daily skin hydration?After all the biochemical processes in tissues occur with the participation of water.The dehydrated skin intracellular metabolism slows -uhudshayutsya eating and breathing cells release their toxins.All this can not but affect the speed of regeneration of the skin, its elasticity, tone.Lack of water leads to tightness of the skin, peeling, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - the signs of aging become much faster visible.Moisturize the skin - this is the minimum that we can do to save the youth.

Are the remedies prescribed by a dermatologist, more effective than cosmetic?It is important to distinguish between these concepts.The drugs have a meaningful impact on the skin with the aim to solve a specific problem.They may have contraindications or side effects, to properly assess their effect can only be a doctor.They can not use the unchecked, and their scope is very narrow, specific.The situation is different cosmetics.Nowadays cosmetic laboratory work not only on their products hypoallergenic and safety, but also on polytouch, that is trying to create a means of this composition, which has a positive effect on all our senses with the help of odor, color, texture and consistency.Recent studies confirm that the positive effect of the cream made up not only of the impact of its useful components, but also a pleasant sensation of pleasure that we receive in the course of care.To enhance the action of the cream with the help of sensual pleasures, manufacturers have to investigate the processes taking place in different parts of the cerebral cortex.

Do I use day and night creams?Or is it just a marketing trick?

The main thing that distinguishes them - is the content of the day cream of protective components.Chemical UV filters, which are our undisputed ally of the day, at night becomes an unnecessary burden on the skin, which is using this time to get rid of toxins, neutralize free radicals and replenish energy reserves of cells.Formulation night cream contains just such com-ponents, which help the skin to solve all these problems.However, there are universal and creams, which can be used 24 hours, but in this case the skin requires additional protection during the day (e.g., Tone means with SPF of at least 15 units).

Soon there will be noticeable results, the promised cream manufacturers?

to feel the difference, you need three to six months - for a week you likely will not notice the obvious changes.Only use creams on the basis of the AHA, moisturizing and exfoliating, can give a quick result - significantly align the texture and color of the skin, especially if it was dull, with a thickened stratum corneum.Dehydrated and poorly protected against inclement weather skin easily restores elasticity and tone, if you start to feed it every day.On the other hand, some high-speed cosmetics have only a temporary effect.For example, express masks or gels for the lips with moisture-retaining ingredients instantly smooth the skin, but only for a short period of time - for one night.The same applies to the optical particles that make up the many daily corrective creams.It evens skin tone while helping to hide the wrinkles and age spots, but have no effect on their causes.

How to strengthen the action of the cream effect.The cream is supposed to get with the help of a special spatula, but applied with the fingers, and even the whole palm of your hand, because our hands - the best tool gentle care.Here are three reasons to combine the application of the cream with a light massage: circulatory improvement contributes to the rapid penetration of ingredients into the skin

gentle touch made slowly, deliberately, help to relieve emotional stress

sensual pleasure from the texture, tactile sensations and flavor makes better use of emotionalbonuses that are conceived creators cream.Some massage techniques have proven themselves so well that their implementation scheme are put in a box with cream.We suggest you try some of them.