Stone therapy ( self-care )

What woman did not hear about the old anti-aging techniques and methods used by the ancients thousands of years ago to rejuvenate and maintain health.Oddly enough, but our ancestors were in the arsenal of hardware almost procedure.By this procedure can be attributed stone therapy - massage on the body (and face) hot stone

history stone therapy

Stone Therapy - the ancient procedure.Even in Mesopotamia doctors were placed on the body of the patient small hot stones.stones treatment is based on the temperature influence on the vessels, the change of heat and cold.It is believed that this stone shall inform the body of what it lacks.No wonder the ancient Indians believed that some stones are able to take away the bad energy.A Japanese monks thousands of years ago knew and used the healing properties of hot rocks.We knew about it, and the ancient Romans.We loved soak up the warm stones Chinese empress.

In today's crazy world, people quickly realized that the beauty and vanity do not get along together,

and turned to the ancient experience of stress relief.

modern techniques of stone therapy developed member of the American Association of Masseurs Mary Nelson Hennigan Arizona.

Technique stone therapy

technique is based on a special touch and a special massage using hot and cold stones using acupressure - Shiatsu.

Stones of different sizes (usually rare, exotic stones such as jade or Hawaiian pebbles) are heated in a special device.Several warm stones placed on the active points on the body (in order to have a positive impact on certain human organs), then held himself massage - light, soothing, iron and pressing movements usually under special harmonizing music.

effect stone therapy

Massage these stones allows a positive impact on many human organs, normalizes metabolism, microcirculation in tissues, and most importantly - this massage has an incredible relaxing and harmonizing effect even after one session, you will notice a positive massage effect not only on thebody but to the soul, the psyche.

Women stabilizes hormones (!), And hormonal imbalance is one of the causes of cellulite, stress, which also provokes cellulite and early aging, too recedes, and the effect of relaxation of the procedure is sometimes so powerful that even on his face smoothed out somewrinkles - so relaxing and positive impetus to get the facial muscles (even if the massage is performed only by the body).Although usually a session stone therapy massage involves both face and body.The session lasts about 30 minutes.For best effect should do 5-6 treatments.

What is the effect?The effect you choose for yourself!It depends on the temperature of the stones, the massage intensity of the various components of the session.Someone wants to relax and take a nap, and someone waiting for great things, which is always better to administer our toes.As a tonic effect stone therapy is expressed in strengthening the processes of excitation in the central nervous system.Calm - braking in the central nervous system, caused moderate, rhythmic and prolonged irritation eksterno- and proprioceptors.Wishes to express art.

"According to ancient knowledge, the stones - it tanks, in which the accumulated energy of the earth."

Stones of volcanic rock is unique by the fact that they found shelter at once the four elements - the living fire, water, earth and air.They are eager to share their energy, therefore they are used for stone therapy.In the salon you can offer combine stone therapy massage, aromatherapy, various wraps.Of course, you have heard that all diseases - from nerves.So imagine: you're soaking up the warm energy of stones lying in the shadows, inhale the aroma appropriate to your mood (or zodiac sign) of fragrant oils, and somewhere nearby gurgling fountain and the music plays ... Nerves gradually from guitar strings are converted into soft algae.

This procedure is not aimed at weight loss or getting rid of the "orange peel".However, if the cause of your excessive roundness and hilly formations - the stress, then consider after stone therapy you have to fight only with the psychological consequences.

Important note: part of the effect depends on the skill of working with a specialist you.

Stone therapy, despite its magical properties, not widespread, it is just due to the lack of qualified specialists.How to distinguish a professional?He at least take an interest if you are not suffering from hypertension or hypotension, - depends on the temperature of the stones, check whether you are not subject to skin diseases - for acne and psoriasis stone therapy is contraindicated.But doctors said that patients who receive treatment with stones, literally transformed.

What transformations occur with admirers stone therapy?


• reduced susceptibility to stress

• decrease or disappear headaches

• increases skin tone and elasticity

• improves lymphatic

• increased muscle tone, relieve fatigue with

muscles • increase the secretion of the sebaceous andsweat glands, cleans

• uluchshayutsya.obmennye processes in the body

• insomnia goes away.

What stones are suitable for stone therapy?

Most often, when stone therapy using heated basalt, sometimes marble.The first through the porous structure cools slowly and generously shares with its human warmth and positive energy.However, not tested for radioactivity basalt may be, on the contrary, it is a health hazard.

today to replace the gray basalt stone came another - a bright, cheerful jadeite.Bright green, volcanic origin, it is called an imperial stone sauna.

In China and Japan jadeite itself could afford only know.Emperors of these countries were ornaments of jade, jadeite sleeping on cushions and ate with jadeite dishes.A decoration of this stone and souvenirs were considered signs of high standing and prosperity.Chinese woman doing a compliment: "You are beautiful as jade."This stone is considered a powerful talisman ... and a wonderful medicine.Ancient Chinese Encyclopedia, presented Li Shi Chan Emperor Wan Li in 1596, it contains many recipes use jade for the treatment of various diseases.

legends about this stone go around the world.So, Maya tse-enili jade more precious than gold and all the precious stones.It is said that Montezuma was very happy that Cortes knew nothing of jadeite and stuffed ships only gold and emeralds.A jade in ancient Mexico was considered a means of fleeing from the deadly disease.

Today the volume of sales of all semi-precious stone, jade raw materials in the world occupies the fifth position after diamonds, emeralds, rubies and opals, surpassing even sapphires.They staff the best saunas and beauty salons.

Today jade is not considered a cure for all bolezmey, but according to scientific research in the field of lithotherapy, jadeite as stone-stabilizer energetically positive effect on a person.It strengthens the nervous system, blood pressure levels, "softens" the blood vessels, improves blood, treats kidney and urinary tract.In a heated stone, these properties are intensified.

If you hold jade in hand, after a few minutes it seems that it is not a stone, but a piece of warm clay.It gives comfort and rest.And best of all ... it affects the attitude toward reality.Gives harmony.Of course, to the stone-therapy can be treated in different ways: it is possible to "believe - do not believe" one can doubt, but even if some group of people, it will help to cause positive changes in the body - it's great, because you always want to believe that theresomething miraculous, ancient, that helps women through the ages to keep appeal.As it turned out, stone therapy can be done at home.

Ctoun therapy at home

What stones are suitable for stone therapy at home?

For massage use so-called drum stones - smooth and flat.To avoid scratching the skin and easy to keep on the back.Cobblestones, of course, does not count.Typically, the master purchase special stones of volcanic rocks.Such stones increased density, high content of magnesium and iron, which determines the deep absorption of heat and its slow release.

procedures for the house will fit smooth sea pebbles.The expensive stores the stones are heated and cooled by means of special equipment.In the salons and at home easier, you can use hot water and a freezer.

And, you can use the gems, if you have them.They are not only applied to the skin, but also to "pushing" them lotions and lotions.Experts suggest that the water accumulates energy gem and it is good to wash in the morning.For this stone hours soaked in mineral water without gas.Now on sale you can find a variety of cosmetics for the face based on the "stone of water."

How to carry out the procedure at home

One of the main components - the relaxed atmosphere and the music.Lighting must also be non-irritating, muted.

For massage on the face smeared with a special cream is ultra-light consistency.For the procedure, the skin of the whole body smeared with pleasant aromatic oils.

Stones Wizard applies only in accordance with the general system when hot stone, when cool, where a large stone, which is not very.Houses follow this scheme: from small stones - a great and alternately warm - cold.For massage on the face only two pebbles.

The entire procedure lasts from 20 minutes to one and a half hours.

How to identify your gem?

Pearl - Keeps young, enhances skin tone.

Hematite - Useful for pale skin with poor circulation.

Lapis - has anti-inflammatory properties.It soothes the skin after sunbathing.

Aventurine - Improves complexion.

Diamond - Protects from wrinkles.

Lunar stone - Treats problem and oily skin.

Rhinestone - Used to a relaxing massage.

Amber - considered the most miraculous stone.It helps with skin diseases, ulcers, festering.Prolongs youth.

Do not forget that the main advantages of this method is that the stone therapy:

• improves blood circulation

• relieves muscle pain

• promotes tissue oxygenation

• helps with arthritis, osteochondrosis

• stimulates elimination of toxinsand excess fluid

• helps with stress

• restores skin tone and elasticity.