Lip Makeup .Secrets lipstick

hardly even any part of the human body so pointedly as our mouths.It can attract, seduce, inflate or reject.Indicator bad mood - drooping corners of her mouth.The shape of the lips and speaks about the traits of our character, however, as the color that women choose for their lipstick: red lips are in active persons, pink in romantic, orange-red at the extravagant and pearl - for women, spoiled attention and are extremely confidentin itself.

Lipstick is an integral part of the make-up, it draws attention to our mouth and, in addition, cares for the skin of the lips.Lipstick is the only cosmetic product, which should not only look great with makeup, but also have a pleasant taste and smell.Lipsticks are composed of oils (e.g., castor oil or avocado), mastic (lanolin) and dyes (usually synthetic dyes).The proportions of these components determine the properties of lipstick.

• Kremoobraznyematovyepomady have the highest percentage of dyes (about 10%), so they are well coated lips and well-kept.

• The splendor of dyes percent share by 5 - 8 below, and the share of oil, respectively, above.Therefore, he is a brilliant and transparent.

• Lipsticks with pearl contain synthetic mica and a lot of lanolin.Variants of classic lipstick - cream lip gloss and powder.

• Cream gloss gives lips gloss.It provides its first lanolin, which it contains approximately 45%.Gloss can be either colorless or colored.You can only use glitter or in combination with lipstick, causing him to have painted lips.

Do not "eat" lipstick is harmful?

All components of the substance are subject to the provisions of lipstick cosmetic laws that only substances that have passed the test can be used.For example, the dye eosin, previously used in lipstick, is now forbidden due to the presence of toxic heavy metals.Oils and binders used in the manufacture of lipstick, are natural raw materials without the use of chemicals.Lipstick weighs usually 5 grams.Who lipstick three times a day, "eats" about 16 mg daily lipstick.According to researchers, the dose may not cause any health noticeable harm.

"Choosing the color and shade of lipstick, pay attention to the tone of the rest of the make-up and dress"

Why is it so important outline a pencil?

primarily because it gives lip shape and prevents lipstick blurred boundaries of the lips.To traced pencil outlines did not look hard line, it gently rubbing a cotton swab inside.With the circuit can be slightly retouched if necessary shape of the lips.To make lips look naturally contoured pencil must be the same color or slightly darker than the lipstick used.

What to do when dry rough lips?

lipstick looks good only on smooth lips.If under the influence of natural phenomena or illness your lips were rough, lubricate them with honey or apply hygienic lipstick.Never lick the rough lips - is further dries them.If, however, you are going to make up chapped lips, it is best to take a colored lip gloss or lipstick that contains moisturizing substances.Lips are prone to flaking must be protected in the sun light protection lipstick and cold cream liberally lubricated.

Every person, every type of person can approach an unlimited variety of shades.It is desirable to have several different colors of lipsticks.

Color Selection Selecting

lipstick colors not only depends on the changeable trends of fashion.It must match the exterior of your type.When the cold light (winter sky, bluish neon light) - Be careful with bluish hues, while a warm light (candle, electricity) used with caution in orange and brown tones.It should be taken into account, and skin color.The darker it is, the brighter lipstick can be, and vice versa, pale skin look even paler with bright lips.Choosing the color and shade of lipstick, pay attention to the tone of the rest of the make-up and outfit.

If you want to visually reduce, in your opinion, is too big mouth, or full lips - use dark shades of lipstick.Accordingly, when using bright, brilliant colors - the result will be the opposite.

If your teeth are far from dazzling whiteness, they seem yellower still between his lips, painted in brown, purple or orange.It is better to choose a cool (bluish) tones and very dark shades of red.

Who decided on a bright eye makeup, lip tint should rather restrained.Conversely, if the lips are bright tone, the eye cosmetics should be muted.Underline the lips and the eyes with the same force looks vulgar.