Chemicals in cosmetics and drugs

Paraffin oil (mineral)

mixture of liquid hydrocarbons.Transparent liquid .bez odor insoluble in water and soluble in alcohol and fats.It has a soothing effect on the skin.It is commonly used as a component of emulsion preparations.

sodium perborate

white crystalline powder, odorless, soluble in water (about 3% at 25 ° C), insoluble in alcohol and fats.After dissolution in water forms hydrogen peroxide solutions are unstable.It used as a clarifier and an oxidizer in hair coloring, as well as a disinfectant in salts leg.

Hydrogen peroxide

colorless liquid with oxidizing properties.The commercially available as 3- and 6 percent hydrogen peroxide or in the form of perhydrol - 25-30 percent solution.Strong oxidising agent, has a disinfectant action.Concentrated solutions can cause scald on the skin.It used as a bleach and an oxidizing agent with hair color.


finely ground insoluble colored substance.Applied in the form of suspensions in a liquid or solid bases.When applied to the s

kin pigment slurry forms a colored, opaque layer.It is used in cosmetics for makeup.


organic substances, which when released into the solid polymers give them elasticity.Type of plasticizer depends on the type of polymer used.In cosmetics, plasticizers are used in nail polishes, hair lacquers, as well as added to the mascara.

polyethylene glycol polymers of ethylene oxide.Depending on the molecular weights - solids or liquids with the consistency of the wax.Glycols with a molecular weight up to 600 are used as humectants.Products with molecular weight of more than 1500 is sometimes included in the solid solutions.

1,2-propylene glycol (1,2-propanediol)

Colorless liquid on the properties and the use of close to glycerol.Products containing propylene glycol, do not leave after application of sticky feeling, as is sometimes the case with formulations containing glycerin.